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    The Shift of Global Gaming Hub

    December 21, 2014

    Global gaming market is facing uphill from the advent of internet over a decade. The number of online gamers is increasing by millions every day. The surge of online games en routes to decline of traditional console games which are facing decline in the recent years. However, the softwares for console games are still leading in the market and will continue for few more years until the 100 percent penetration of online games and due to some of the recent innovation in console games. 

    Asia is the present gaming hub

    Asia-pacific is the leading potential market for games which is not only due to domicile for half of global population but also the demand aroused for gaming, high demand and high supply of smartphones and some of the favourable legislation and regulations. According to Newzoo games market report for 2014, the region Asia-pacific holds 82 % of $6 billion of this year in global gaming market and subsequently increase the global revenue by another 8% and helps to reach $81.5 billion. This new increased revenue also extends its global share by 45 % and it is front runner of global gaming market. According to the report of Newzoo, the rapid increase is driven by gaming failure in North America along with boom in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. The growth in Asian market is driven by increased GDP which turn increased the purchasing power of people which is indicated from a travel statistics report which noted that billionaires from world countries visiting Macau in China, Singapore and Manila to spend on games. During the same period other regional markets like America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) experienced a modest growth which shares 27 % and 24 % respectively assist the Asian market to reach top.

    Future plans of Asian countries

    The seismic shift is occurred after legalising certain games in Asian-Pacific region which regulates the gaming market and prevent the gamers going to other markets such as North American gaming and ultimately it reduces the potential customers to other gaming hubs such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and many more. The transition also shift the operators to potential markets such as Macau, Singapore etc. and also targeting the new countries like japan which has recently hinted that they are going to lift the ban on certain games to attract more tourists ahead of 2020 Olympics. Macau is the Las Vegas of east and the leading gaming operators such as Wynns resort and Sands resort from Las Vegas are operating their industries in Macau as a result of globalisation and legalisation. They are also willing to open their industry doors in Japan if they lift the ban on certain games. Global gaming industry partially depends on tourism of the country where the gaming industry located. It is clearly visible from the success of gaming in Las Vegas, Singapore and Philippines. M88 one of the leading gaming industry in Asia said that the gaming industries in Asia are converting the tourists in potential gamers since the gamers are allured by prizes and incentives in Asian gaming industries. So the Asian gaming countries are decided to increase the tourism sector by which gaming sector will grow.

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