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    The Strict laws in Middle East countries

    December 28, 2014

    Gambling has not deeply penetrated in Middle Eastern countries as compared with North America and Asia. In fact gambling attain legal status in only three countries such as Israel, Lebanon and Egypt of Middle East world and it is for not all the forms. To keep the gambling legal and on the motive of expansion some of the established industries such as Wynns resort and Cotai strip are planning to invest in Israel. It is reported that there is no legal gambling in middle east countries which is protected by religious and moral beliefs however few countries lying in the circumference of middle east zone such as North African countries Egypt and Morocco are practicing gambling, from which backgammon is  most popular casino game in middle east.

    Law breaching is a punishable crime in Middle East countries

    Before 2006, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) are the second largest industry in gambling after US market and it was surpassed by emerging Asia Pacific market, especially countries such as Macau and Singapore are growing at the rate of double digit. Iran is Muslim majority country which is second largest producer of oil and natural gas, however, gambling is strictly restricted inside Iran according to Quran. Similarly, most of the Muslim majority countries in Middle East banned practising gambling. Despite strong rules in UAE, some of the legitimate gambling industries accept players from UAE, it was found that $20 million revenue came from just 6 contests in UAE when a research firm made study on gambling in Asia. Due to secrecy and comfort gamblers in UAE don’t go for brick and mortar industries, instead they are visiting online sites. The contents which promoting pornography and gambling inside are considered as crime and they used to block such illicit content. It is recently the president of UAE stiffened the existing rule against gambling in Arabia which includes imprisonment and fine up to 20,000 dirhams when gambling is practiced in public place or even in online. However, other types of gambling include conducting races, betting on races and shooting are allowed by the regulatory authority only if it fulfils the criteria.

    Status of nearby countries

    The case of Israel is different from other neighbouring countries. Being a welfare state, Israel banned the gambling completely, mostly because of educational reasons. Sports betting and lotteries are legal in Israel whereas government thought that gambling increase the criminal activities such as money laundering and to prevent it, Israel put a strong ban on both online and offline gamblings. But there are many foreign sites like M88 are offering a secured platform to interact with other gamblers and to experience the gambling.   Israeli government wanted to prevent their citizen from irresponsible gambling. However, the Israel government allowed gambling to a particular extent which does not allow all forms of gambling. However, $3.5 billion worth of illegal gambling is occurring in Israel every year. World countries suggest Israel to regulate the gambling and it is the only way to curb illegal gambling. Despite stringent measures and strong beliefs, Arab world is changing and responding to the gambling world. Gamblers not only from Dubai but also from all the restricted countries are willing to play both online and offline gambling and it is sign of legalising gambling in those countries.

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