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    We-Vibe for Extending the Pleasure of Sex

    March 23, 2015

    There are many sex toys available in the internet world where you can order and purchase the articles for ease of use. The great pleasure of sex on both men and women can be extended b y the sex toy called We-vibe the best selling and most popular sex toy of United States of America. Because of the sexual time and experience enriching factor these vibes have created a great influence on the people and made themselves the most preferring brand of the country. This is a versatile toy which can be used as solo enjoyment enriches or a partnership sexual intercourse enjoyment enriches.

    We-vibe for providing the stimulating aspect of vibration:

    This is a vibrating toy which is in “C” shaped making more comfortable to fit of the g-spot of the women vagina. This should be placed at least one inch deeper to the women vagina for providing an enriching enjoyment. The male can also use this toy for masturbating his penis by placing the vibe on both the sides of his penis.  There are many numbers of ultra vibrating points that are available in this toy for giving the erotic sex satisfaction. During the couple sexual intercourse the vibe is places in the vagina of the women and this help the women to get more vibration in her vagina and the male when he leave the penis inside the vagina of the women the enjoyment of the both is enriched and this makes a great satisfaction for both the men and women. This ultra vibes can easily fit into the women’s vagina and vibrating modes of the toy makes the joy more. There are two vibrating modes in the device which can be changed based on the enjoyment you needed. There are also 7 rhythm pulsing modes available in the market.

    Making a perfect use of sex toy:

    The vibe is manufactured in the silicon material which comforts the men and women for usage. There are three versions in the market and the version 2 and 3 are the most selling toys of all time comforting people. This toy is a rechargeable and cordless which don’t require electricity when it is used in enjoyment of sexuality. This is an anti-bacterial toy so there is no need to worry about bacterial infection and this makes a perfect fit to women anus or in her vagina for making a smooth intercourse of inserting penis into the women vagina.

     The stroking motion of this toy may help in vibrating the penis. This vibration can also made to enrich the enjoyment perspective where the men and women make an extended enjoyment of the happenings and men can use this vibration for enjoying a solo vibrating in masturbation by adding a lots of water based lubrications of the toy and can enjoy the foreplay before having a sexual contact with women. This enriches the time spent on sex and makes the better satisfaction of two partners on the whole. 

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