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    How Spray Tan Supplies Work: Guide To Spray Tanning Equipment

    September 22, 2016

    Prior to the idea of purchasing spray tan supplies there is a need to be clear about the reasons for getting them as it might make a difference in the nature of the product that you might need. There is a need for you to be guided on buying the best equipment that will satisfy your needs and the best price as well.

    Tips on Finding the Best Equipment

    Most of the companies of these supplies are to supply equipment to all the sectors in the market. But some of the companies might have their own name in the industry. There are companies that are remarkable about home and mobile tanning products. Some are well-known about wonderful quality pro as well as semi-pro supplies and there are some that are considered to be forerunners in terms of high class professional grade supplies.

    That’s why prior to buying spray tan supplies, there is a need to be clear with regards to your needs, have your budget built, research suppliers on the internet and consult or ask opinions from other users of such supplies.


    Now that you have the needed supplies, how will the spray tanning function? The process could be very easy. There is a need of a fine spray of dilute DHA spreading over the skin with the use of pressure driven airbrush or just through a spray gun. You might not have worries about DHA as it is not hazardous rather it is a colourless sugar. If it is applied, it would gradually react with the amino acids which are available in the outer layer of the skin and this reaction would provide brown, pigmented and natural looking finish. If this outer layer is removed then the spray tan would slowly disappear in the same way as the natural tan disappears.

    Role of Spray Tan Solutions

    The quality of the result would depend not only on the level of device as well as skill however also about the grade of the spray tan solution. Different strengths and combinations would go well within certain types of skin and different tones and so finishes might be done. There are numbers of solutions that would have anti-aging, skin softening and protective additives however they are still made to fade a lot quicker. That’s why there is a need to check the spray tan supplies from the supplier in order to ensure getting the best solution. 

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