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    How To Make The Most Out Of Your Solo Ad Campaign As A Client

    October 25, 2016

    There are so many Solo Ad vendors out there on the market, just type any Solo Ad related keyword and you will see for yourself. Many of us will simply want to get your business, provide the service offered and then move on to the next client. That said, we operate differently here at We do all that and a little bit more! We can help you write the best sales copy for your advertising campaign. We also make sure that the service rendered is of the best possible quality so as to satisfy our clients’ needs. We also follow up on our clients to learn from their experiences so that we can offer even better services to them when they come back (which they often do) and to new clients. Enough said about us. Here are eight important things you need to know about Solo Ads as a client.

    Solo Ads are the most efficient way to test your landing page:

    Most of the times, potential customers will reach your website via search engines. This involves a lot of waiting and a bit of analysis to know what is working and what is not on your website. However, by paying for traffic (using solo ad campaigns), you will be able to easily and quickly know how efficient your sales funnels are. This is because most high-quality mailing lists often have just the kind of subscribers who could be your potential customers. If by using a certain mailing list you find that your conversion rate is, say 50 percent, you could ask the vendor the average conversion rate for that particular niche to know if you are doing well or if you need to tweak your sales funnels. 

    Ask about the typical subscriber to your vendor’s mailing list:

    Some vendors will be honest with you. They will tell you upfront whether you will get your desired results with their lists or not. Others leave it to you. They will only later point to some part of their website that says the estimated conversion rates could only be achieved under certain conditions. However, by asking your Solo Ad vendor to describe his or her typical subscriber, you could make an informed guess on whether or not your campaign will be successful. For instance, if your vendor admits that his list has only 20 percent American subscribers yet this is your targeted population, it would only be wise for you to look for another vendor who has the right demographic for you.

    What you see is what you get:

    Nobody wants to click a link to a certain website only to see that whatever is being advertised there is fundamentally different from what they saw in the advertisement. This kind of marketing will give you a bad reputation. What you want to do is be consistent! Make sure that whatever you have pitched in your sales email is exactly what you are selling on your website.

    Show your CTA (Call To Action) immediately:

    The majority of people who use solo ad campaigns do so only to build a list themselves. They then use this list to market their products or to test how good their products are. What’s even better than building lists is showing your clients a button that allows them to buy your product immediately. You might want to use your vendor’s mailing list for marketing purposes but using it to make money while you are at it is an even better proposition, isn’t it?

    Do not forget your subscribers:

    Even if somebody fails to buy your product or subscribe to your service immediately, the fact that they signed up to receive emails from you is a good thing. This means they are interested in whatever you are selling. Send them more information related and better sales emails to get them to buy your product.

    Turn your subscribers into affiliates:

    The majority of people who want to buy a product or subscribe to a service through an internet marketing strategy are most likely interested in making money online. Giving your subscribers a chance to sell your product and to take a cut for every sale they make is a way of increasing your return on investments (money and time used for a solo ad campaign). 

    Now that you know how to make the most out of your Solo Ad campaign, let me talk a little bit about Solo Ad vendors. You might have the best ideas on how to maximize your results but if you don’t choose the best Solo Ad vendor to partner with in the first place, you will most likely fail. We at are the best at what we do. Over ninety percent of the subscribers in our mailing lists are from either the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. The rest are also from countries that also have English as one of their official languages. This means that our mailing list is most likely to be the perfect one for your business (that is of course if you are targeting clients in the above-mentioned countries). If we think your product won’t fly with our subscribers we will tell you upfront. Also, we get all our emails in the right way, using techniques such as CPC, FB Ads, SEO and others. Thus, an email from us would be a welcome introduction to most clients. This is unlike an email introduction from other vendors who have acquired their clients using underhand tactics. Such an email would likely be flagged as spam, resulting in lower opt-in and conversion rates. Join us now and let us help you get your product in front of more buying clients.

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