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    The Value of Facebook Advertising

    January 15, 2017

    According to business experts, your online marketing campaign for your business can be divided into two main categories - your bought efforts and organic efforts. The endgame of these two efforts is to get more followers for your business, more likes, and more connections after which you get returns in the form of subscribers and sales. Now let's break down the efforts; your organic efforts comprises of curation and content creation. That is about creating contents that will attract huge traffic to your site. You could compose tweets, make videos, write articles on your blogs and then include news about the current happenings in your industry. All these will make your online presence known, make you popular on the Internet, build your brand and also drive more subscribers to your site. Believe me, being diligent and persistent with your online efforts will take you far and also serve you well. In fact, Facebook makes sure that your organic efforts are appreciated, but it comes at a price. Long before Facebook advertising came into being, getting all your posts across to your followers wasn't such a difficult task. Facebook makes sure that all your posts appear in your followers feeds. Getting your followers to see your posts was much simple, easy and free. However the arrival of Facebook advertising today changed things. Getting your fans, followers and subscribers to see your posts for free became a thing of the past. Facebook advertising requires you to pay a price so your posts can reach every corner you want it to reach. One can say that this more is indeed a tricky one and Facebook benefits greatly from it.

    Now, do you really need the Extra Reach? Is it worth your money?

    I believe the question now is, is the extra reach worth the money you are spending? The answer depends on how much you can pay for an extra Facebook like and what an extra Facebook like will add to your business. Of course, social media marketing today is all about raising the awareness of your brand and believe me, your Facebook will go a long way in doing that. But in the actual sense, what you really want is click throughs. So do you feel that paying for extra reach will get you any of these?

    Put It To The Test

    Recently, a blogger for made the decision to try out Facebook advertising. She wanted to ascertain the total likes she could get with $100 for her spouse's band's Facebook page which had just 206 likes at the time. She took out $35 at first to boost the page and after seven days, Facebook ad reached a total number of 1,301 people and 53 people liked the page. Facebook didn't exhaust the whole $35, instead it used $29.67 and this equates to $0.60 per like. Later on, the blogger tried to boost an individual page. She spent $0.88 per like for one particular post. Finally, she experimented with boosting the same post on a large Facebook page with close to 19,000 followers with $20. Facebook came up with an estimate of the post reaching between 41,000 and 110,000 people but at the end, it managed to reach 3, 900 people and managed to garner just a single like for the band's page and seven likes for the actual post - this equates to $2.50 per like. Not cheap.

    The blogger spent around $90 in total and garnered 76 likes which equal to $1.18 per like. The blogger wasn't delighted with the result as she concluded that there are many other ways to get Facebook followers.


    Facebook advertising has gathered many success stories that contradict the conclusion of's on Facebook advertising.


    DesignMind –spent 100% paid advertising budget on Facebook and this led to a 40% increase in their web visitors and one-third of this turnaround came from Facebook.

    MuteSix – As a result of Facebook ad management, they enjoyed 5 times increase in web traffic.

    Grant’s Scotch Whisky – Facebook advertising helped Grant’s to generate 7.5 million video views, reached 6.5 million people and also enjoyed a great increase in their social media mentions. 

    Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It?

    There are two sides to everything, there are scary stories and there are success stories. So there is a tendency for the online war to continue for a while. The examples above has shown that one could reach peak success with Facebook marketing - you can create your own success too. You just need to put extra efforts, make targeted ads, do a little trial and error but don't expect success overnight.

    Here are some tips that can help you to create success with Facebook advertising:

     1. Target, Target, Target

    With Facebook advertising, you will be able to target specific demographics for your ads. You really need to do this. What's the point of advertising roller blades to grandmas? Target the right audience.

    2. Boost Your Competitions

    An excellent way to raise your engagement is to implementing competitions. By giving them an extra boost with Facebook advertising you can watch your interaction and user engagement go through the roof. This will serve as a bonus to grow your list and also allow you extract email address from each competitor.

    3. Follow Up With Email

    Do you want your Facebook ads to last for a long time? If so, there’s a need for you to do follow up. You could send a thank you email. This will make them come back for your future offers. Also, alert them when you write a new blog post. Once you have them, they are yours to keep.

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