Switzerland the right place for offshore incorporation

    November 14, 2014

    Many countries of the world are now looking at Switzerland for opening Offshore Incorporation owing to the many incentives that the country is giving to the investors. The Asian countries are finding the country, especially attractive and you will find countries like Japan, South Korea and India having offshore companies at Switzerland. The famous Chinese company Alibaba has their offshore facility at Geneva. You will find the South Korean company named Songwon International at Frauenfeld and the Indian company named Arexera Information Technology at Schaffhausen. More than 180 companies, most of which are from USA and European countries moved their facilities to the region near the Lake Geneva.

    Tax saving

    By getting Offshore Incorporations at Switzerland the companies get huge saving towards the tax as the Switzerland government offers low or no tax jurisdictions for the investors in order to develop their economy. In order to avail the benefit of tax even oil farms such as Weatherford International, Houseton’s Noble etc have announced moving to Switzerland. The chief advantage for the companies lies in the fact that though they are positioned in their parent countries and are subjected to the rules and regulations of their parent countries, they are exempted from any such regulations as per the rules of the international business. The anonymity, no tax regime, confidentiality, etc are the beneficial aspects of the offshore venture of the companies.

    Tax treaty

    The tax authorities have also promised to close all the lop holes in taxation in order to attract the investors from USA. This will further benefit the companies from USA who have Offshore Incorporations in Switzerland. This is the reasons why the countries of the world are finding Switzerland as the modern destination for their offshore companies. Switzerland have a special treaty with the USA regarding tax which will protect the companies from USA even if there is some changes in tax structure in Switzerland. This will ensure that the Offshore Incorporation gets the tax advantage at all the time.

    The cities

    The chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries have flourished at Basel city and financial sector grew in Zurich among the cities in the French speaking Switzerland. The offshore companies are bringing hope to the French speaking part of Switzerland, which is suffering from lack of businesses and severe unemployment. Switzerland is interested with the offshore movements because the country strives for high quality employment for the youths as well as transfer of knowledge base from the advanced nations to Switzerland. It will fetch good salary to the people having good education. Many Asian countries like China, India, Taiwan and South Korea are striving for going global and they will find Switzerland as their right choice. The Asian giants are determined to grow stronger and be a part of the world economy. The Lake Geneva is the region which can be the ideal location for the Offshore Incorporation. This region will offer god quality of life to the workers and experts from the foreign countries who are fatigued by commuting in the big metropolis of Europe and America.

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