The Key Asset You May Have Been Missing

    May 15, 2015

    No one likes to feel that they have been missing out – especially when it comes to social situations, but even more frequently when it comes to business. Many of us like to pride ourselves on the fact that we have a keen eye for detail, spotting those opportunities that other people have spent years missing, or creating a new way to solve a problem that brings in extra customers with their extra profits. So it will probably come as a surprise to many of you (myself included) that many of us have been totally ignoring an asset that we all have. We have not been using it to our advantage, and in many cases there may have been situations where in fact we have missed out on possibilities because we simply have not been maximising our potential with this asset.

    Confused? I am, of course, talking about our teeth.

    Now, none of us got where we are today because we have used our looks: we are all smart, highly skilled, and determined people. However, when a person’s teeth look really quite terrible – yellow, with chips and strange sections of our gums slightly bloody – that can really put off a potential investor or client. It would be fair to say that by ignoring this asset, you can do a whole lot more harm than good.

    As women we have been trained to try and forget the way that we look, and that has mainly been in an effort to ensure that all that we meet with take us seriously as business people as entrepreneurs. However, in some cases this has drastically backfired, leaving individuals with teeth that do not benefit them at all. After all, why would you choose to do business with someone who has clearly not washed their hair for weeks, or has mis-matched earrings on? If their attention to detail is lacking, then that is a clear warning sign for other people – and that is definitely not the sort of sign that you want to be giving out to others.

    The first step to maximise the asset that your teeth, and therefore smile, can be is to make an appointment with a dentist, as soon as possible. You should really be endeavouring to have a dental appointment at least once every six months. That should ensure that any bad problems do not really develop, and you can be confident that your teeth are being showed in the most positive and healthy light as possible. Your smile should be something that people remember, and for the right reasons too! You want to be able to leave every meeting happy that you could smile and speak whenever you wanted to, because you were not concerned that you were going to frightened everyone with the state of your teeth.

    Is this a personal asset that you have been missing out on? Make a change today, and consult with an expert dentist to discover just what a difference they can make to your teeth, your smile, and your business.

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