3 Ways to Beat Business Obscurity

    July 29, 2011

    Hey chickadees.

    So....it's been awhile since I've posted an official Savor blog. I'm not gonna lie - Angela and the Savor Board of Directors cracked the whip to remind me to get off my tushie and start writing.

    Some of you might do a little cartwheel because I'm back.

    Others might be thinking that I'm a colossal turd for not writing in awhile.

    And the rest of you who have probably never seen my smiley face before and are wondering why the heck my words are even taking up any real estate on Savor the Success....well...I look forward to getting to know you! ☺

    So what has kept me away from Savor for so long?

    Well, I've been a little busy. I shot two independent films. In one I play a lonely writer that commits suicide when her vintage alarm clock starts talking to her. I scored my first IMDB credit, which I feel makes me a real, bona fide actress. I'll be accepting my Academy Award in my bathroom mirror tonight.

    That's me below....almost dead.....

    The second project I played a crazy wife inspired by Crazy Susie of Curb your Enthusiasm. I've never shouted so many curse words in my life. For months I had to warn my neighbors that I was just rehearsing and not really telling my husband I would chop his "you know what" off. I have to say, these past few months have been nothing short of interesting.

    So, besides that, I've been traveling a bit and playing with new clients. But I haven't paid enough care and attention to my lovely Savor ladies who may have thought I'd disappeared.

    So now that I'm emerging from obscurity, I thought it was only fitting that I make my ‘big comeback' blog all about how to beat business obscurity. Here's three ways to do just that:

    Up the participation

    Yes, yes. I know you're rolling your eyes at me. I'm a total hypocrite because I haven't participated in quite some time.

    But as long as I've been away, it's just as simple to dive back in. You can do the same. Set aside 15 minutes this week to comb through the VIP café and answer a question or two. If you're not a Premium member, become one and then dig in to all the goodness.

    If you've been a good little Savor participant, then I bet there is something you're neglecting. Spend some time on your Facebook page, re-tweet a few folks on Twitter, play in LinkedIn groups, comment on some blogs. Participation rocks - and now I will stand sheepishly in the corner for a few minutes in punishment for being a poor participant.

    Find Raving Fans

    Have you heard this lately?

    "So and so said you were THE person to call when I need _________."

    If so, you probably already have a nice fan club of folks that regularly sing your praises. If not, its time to start finding people to do just that!

    As entrepreneurs, we are asked for recommendations all the time. On any given week, I'm asked for recommendations on writers, website designers, virtual assistants, makeup artists, stylists, life coaches, etc. Sometimes I have a personal relationship with these folks or have used them myself. Other times, I refer out to people that other people told me they adored.

    So the lesson here is to get to know other folks that may be able to refer business your way and vice versa. This doesn't have to be an incentive program (unless you want it to be).

    Commit to grabbing coffee, lunch or cocktails with five new people this month (this can be a virtual sip + munchies date too!) Sometimes all it takes to get out of obscurity is sharing what you do with more people in a relaxed and fun setting.

    Reach out to your List

    When was the last time you reached out to the folks on your list? I don't mean writing a blog or posting a Facebook update. I mean actually sending some correspondence to your email list. This could be a nice chunk of helpful content, a special promotion, or just a quick and friendly hello.

    It doesn't matter if you only have five people on your list at this point. Honor them for signing up and get in touch.

    Of course the goal here is to grow your list - for more info on that, read my friend Stephanie Vozza's awesome Savor blog post HERE

    If you already stay in touch with your list often, you get a gold star. If you don't, put yourself out there so we know what you're up to!

    There are many, MANY more ways to pull yourself out of obscurity and I bet your just itching to share one of your own clever ideas.

    Please post a comment below on your favorite way to publicize your business.

    Happy sharing!

    Peace, love + cold water splashes,


    Melissa Cassera is a PR Expert that helps women entrepreneurs get the visibility and recognition they deserve through her Step into the Spotlight coaching program. Some things that make her smile include playing crazy roles in independent films, eating.....just about anything, working out to movie trailer music, watching craft tutorials (but never really making anything), swimming with her doggie, and being a rabid fan of True Blood.

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