Quick Tip: 3 Pitch Ideas in an Instant

    February 2, 2011

    Coming up with pitch topics can be difficult and time consuming. You know you need to tie your product/service into something timely and newsworthy, but how?

    Check out these 3 quick pitch ideas:


    This might seem obvious (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) but there are a slew of holidays you might not know about that are perfect for your business. Check out the Chase's Calendar of Events' Special Month Section. Relationship Experts would be perfect for February's "Relationship Wellness Month," Wedding Vendors work for "National Wedding Month," and nutritionists for "National Frozen Food Month." The possibilities are endless!

    Gossip Magazines/Blogs

    Yes, I know. You would never read that trash. OK, but what if that "trash" could actually help you get coverage?

    The media loves celebrities. Celebrities set trends. You should stay on top of what's happening at all times. Celebrity divorce rates at an all time high? Celebrity moms favoring a specific diet/workout regimen? Stay "in the know" and you'll never be short on ideas.

    Headline News

    What are all the news stations and newspapers bumbling about? Tax season? Cold weather? Scan the morning headlines to see if anything fits.


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