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White Book Agency - Principal, PR & Marketing Director
Tampa, FL

    Professionally Persistent

    June 25, 2010

    When you work in the PR industry, it's necessary and beneficial to have thick skin and patience. When you throw on the garnering of sponsorship dollars for client events, you can become quite familiar with rejection.


    In my years in the industry I've watched people get very bitter when receiving the following responses: "No. Not now. No thanks. No way. Don't call me, I'll call you." It's always professional and usually kind, however, there are good rejection days and bad rejection days.


    I want to encourage everyone to remember that when you're working with vendors for sponsorships, prospecting available clients or attempting to garner media coverage, "no" doesn't always mean "no forever."


    After three years of consistently approaching a sponsorship prospect for a community event, we finally had a sit down lunch this week. We tried for years to reach out to them. We sent in professionals, had insiders working on our behalf, sent packages, went to various departments...about the only thing left was drilling a hole in the roof and coming down into the building Mission Impossible style.


    We were humbled and excited, and after all of the years of reaching out, this lunch was very much them asking us, "What do you need and how can we help you? We'd like to help you."


    Just a friendly reminder that persistence pays off. Sometimes it takes longer than you'd like, but all in due time! Some things to remember:


    1) "No" doesn't mean no forever.


    2) Keep in touch (within reason, don't be annoying as we're all busy people). Provide your target with updates, new service offerings and any additions to a project.


    3) Keep an open mind and try not to take the initial lack of interest or rejection personally. This will ensure that you're able to be excited when they do come around and you resist playing the, "Oh, nnnooowww you want me?" game.

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