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    5 Tips for Choosing a New Handbag

    April 26, 2017

    Wearing the right handbag can successfully complete your outfits, making you look better. Since you're probably going to wear your bag for many months or even years, you should take your time and do your best to choose one that's right for you.

    The following tips can help you select the right handbag each and every time, so make sure you remember them the next time you go shopping.

    1. Choosing The Right Length

    The area of your body where the handbag sits is going to attract attention. If you have small hips, you may want to choose a bag that sits on your hips, in order to make them appear bigger. If, on the contrary, you have generous hips, the last thing you want is to accentuate them. In this case, you should accentuate your waist, so you should choose a bag that sits at your waistline. This trick will make you look slimmer. It's worth mentioning that bags that sit at waist level are flattering for all types of figures, so you ma want to have one in your collection anyway.

    2. Choosing The Right Size

    Many girls are tempted to follow the fashion trends, ignoring that a very small bag would look lost on a very tall person. Conversely, if you're short, an oversized bag will make you look ridiculous.

    3. Why Your Shape Matters

    Your handbag should complement your own shape. This is why you should think about your shape, and pick a handbag with opposite features. Tall and skinny girls should wear rounded or slouchy bags, while short and curvy persons should opt for handbags with strong and well-defined angles.

    4. Styles Should Match

    Consider your general clothing style. If you're rather the casual type of person, a very formal bag is going to look very strange on you. Make sure you do some research before deciding what style to go for. Fashion magazines and websites can help you. Watch for models that wear similar clothes to you, and see what kind of handbags they choose. This doesn't mean you need to buy that specific model of bag, but you should rather observe the style and choose something along the same lines. Choose your favorite colour or material, as well as the most appropriate size for your stature. The point is to understand what kind of bag to go for, if it's a slouch shoulder bag, a tote bag or a clutch. All these being said, you should be aware that bags for special occasions may differ from usual ones, as your outfit style is going to be different as well. Just take a look at those fashion magazines and identify various outfit types and the matching bag styles. Whatever you'll choose, there's going to be something you like, so you don't have to be afraid your bag isn't going to express your personality.

    5. Practical Factors

    Last but not least, you should be clear about the reason why you want this new handbag. Do you want to use it for work and going out with friends? Do you want to carry books or perhaps a small notebook inside? Are you rather searching for a small handbag for going out, which has to match a particular outfit? By knowing what you want to use your handbag for, you can decide upon the number of pockets and compartments you need it to have. Ideally, every handbag should have a special pocket for the phone and a secure area for your wallet or purse. A handbag that's not safe can't be good, so take care when you choose it!

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