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    Helpful Tips To Help Connect and Conduct More Effective Blogger Outreach

    April 20, 2017

    In summary blogger outreach consists of ‘reaching out’ to bloggers to get them to share, advertise or mention your content and website. It may be an extremely reliable approach to get visitors, as you are going to be able to bring in targeted traffic from the followings of more proven bloggers in your market.

    That being said if you wish to run your personal blogger outreach package, be ready to tackle a challenge. While a blogger outreach service might have a reputable network of connections with bloggers, you’ll need to start afresh and develop those connectivity for yourself.

    Obviously the prospective of blogger outreach makes the effort it needs more beneficial, so these tips should help you to get off to a strong start:

    • Do your research and get personal
    Before you connect with any blogger you must take some time to research them and their blog. By doing so you can adopt a more individual strategy in your mail and thus address them by name or have their name in the subject line, which is a lot better rather than a general approach.

    Most important is your research will help you to discover how to construct your pitch in a way that you can ‘sell’ the concept of marketing your content to them.

    • Let them know why it is worth their while
    Needless to say that you are going to benefit from being featured in front of another blogger’s subscribers – however exactly what do they get out of it? Normally, well-known bloggers are looking for everything that their readers may find helpful – such as new and unique content.

    Having said that, you ought to outline exactly what makes your content so hugely beneficial in your mail, by highlighting the reason why it stands out and also providing an insight into exactly what it can provide audience.

    • Be direct and brief in your emails
    Make no mistake popular bloggers may receive hundreds of mails daily, therefore if they come across one that is tediously lengthy and beats around the bush – they’re most likely to stop reading and delete it. With that in mind you need to get to the point straight away and be brief in your email.

    • Quote bloggers in the post that you’re pitching
    One approach that usually bear fruit most of the time is quoting bloggers in the content that you’re pitching. It gives a certain reciprocity and makes bloggers more open to promoting or perhaps linking to your article – given that it references them.

    Generally, this technique works especially well if you’re drawing attention to an article you wrote which is connected with one that they wrote, so you quote them contextually on it.

    When you begin to link up with even more bloggers, be sure you build your relationship with each of them furthermore. Helpful blogger outreach isn’t just a onetime affair to get a single tweet or backlink, but instead the start of what could be a jointly advantageous connection between both of you.

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