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    How to Build a Successful Business 101

    April 27, 2017

    Marketing is crucial for the success of any business. Many of the world’s leading businesses spend more money on marketing than they do on developing and on production. It doesn’t matter how good a product you are making is unless you are able to captivate the audiences by highlighting its salient features. While larger companies don’t really have an issue with spending millions of pounds on their marketing campaigns, it’s the smaller businesses that have to bear the brunt of increased competition.

    Small businesses just can’t afford to compete with the larger corporations on a head-to-head level, which makes it very difficult for them to establish a sound footing in this landscape. As a result, many small companies often go out of business because they are unable to compete with the bigger sharks. Marketing, however, doesn’t always have to be overly expensive. There are several affordable methods that you can use to market your products to interested customers. One of them is to use SMS marketing.

    The Next Big Thing

    Companies such as Textplode now offer very affordable packages for marketing via SMS. It’s the next big trend in the world of marketing, and it’s also extremely effective. There are more than 3.5 billion smartphones being used around the world today. Several billion feature phones are still in use, which just goes on to show how effective text based marketing can be.

    The gist of the matter is simple: everybody uses a mobile phone in one way or another. By sending marketing messages to users, you can easily increase interest in your business and get more people to convert. With companies such as Textplode offering packages starting from as little as £1.9, it’s easy to see why text-based marketing is the newest thing on the block.

    Highly Effective

    Another thing that you should know about marketing via SMS is that it can be highly effective, provided you use it correctly. When sending an SMS to a potential customer, make sure that you keep it concise and simple. There’s no point in overloading information within a single text message just to convince a customer. Write just a few lines about the product and give contact information at the bottom so that interested people can contact you. This way, if a person is genuinely interested in what you have to offer, they will just contact the provided numbers.

    If your business has a website (as it should), you should provide the details at the bottom of the SMS. Remember, the SMS itself serves just as a prelude to what you have to offer. Also, because a conventional SMS is around 160 characters, if you try to send more, you will be charged for two or three messages. Try not to go overboard with your marketing if you really want to convert users. Moreover, don’t message potential customers more than once in a week to avoid making it seem like you are pestering them!

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