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    How to Match Your Clothing for Your Watch?

    April 27, 2017

    It is important for a man to match his watch to his outfit. For example, picture this scenario- you see a man in a nice tuxedo suit. He has class, looks, and sophistication however when he lifts his cuffs to look at the time; you see an ugly looking watch with an old leather strap!

    The importance of your watch

    If you are a man, you might never have thought much about the importance of your timepiece, but the above scenario does say that it is important for you to pay attention to your watch if you want to make that positive first impression.

    Now the first thing you should do when you want to make your first impression a positive one matches your clothes with your watch. Men should at least have three watches in their collection- The Dress Watch, The Sports Watch, and The Dive Watch.

    These watches can meet the requirements of all your professional, daily and casual outfits. If you can afford to buy more watches, you should include The Skeleton Watch, The Chronological Watch, and The Tourbillon Watch.

    Matching your clothes to your watch easily with the following tips-
    Business and Business Casual Attire

    If you are going to the office or attending a professional meeting, you should opt for the men’s Dress Watch with the leather band. The colour of the band should be either black or brown. You can match the watch with the colour of your shoes and belt. For very formal events where you need to wear the white or the black tie, you can opt for the Skeleton or the Tourbillon Watches. They are costlier than the Dress Watch.

    For business attire, you can opt for the Diver Watch or Dress Watch. Both will go well with your attire. If you are attending a casual business meeting, choose for the Dress Watch, or Chronological Watch, however, do not wear the ones with Gold dials. It is best to avoid a Diver’s Watch too.

    Casual Events

    Occasional events mean you wish to be comfortable. It is here you should opt for the perfect watch. The Tourbillon, The Skeleton, and The Dress Watch make an excellent, understated impression. If you wish to dress down, you may opt for the pure Chronological or the larger Dress Watch.

    Sports and Adventure

    When it comes to sports and adventure, the Diver Watch or The Chronological Watch sync well with all your outfits. These watches are durable, and they have the rough, rugged looks that you need. They are useful devices and also make you stand out in the crowd.

    Therefore, if you are confused as to what watch should go with your outfit, follow the guide above. Try to collect all these watches if you can. If you cannot buy all of them, at least ensure you have the good old Dress Watch, Diver Watch and Sports Watch with you. These three watches are enough to make you look stylish, sophisticated and appealing at the same time!

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