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    How to Successful Send a Parcel to Australia

    March 6, 2017

    Making prompt deliveries is a major part of running a successful business, particularly for e-commerce and retail businesses along with other sectors. Businesses need to use the most effective shipping methods available in order to maximise their profits. That is why it is very important to partner with the best international couriers if you are to successfully send a parcel to Australia in the most cost effective way. Below are some top tips to efficiently send your packages to Australia for businesses:

    1. Check for Discounted Business Rates

    The best international couriers like Courierpoint usually have discounted rates for all kinds of businesses that need to send packages regularly. You should check and see whether your business qualifies for these special rates and avoid paying the regular postage fees. Actually, you can even talk to a representative of the courier company and find out whether you can get offered a business deal based on the quantity or amount that you want to send to Australia. You will definitely be given a good price to encourage repeat business, which will also not affect your bottom line.

    2. Check that Items in the Parcels are Acceptable to Send to Australia

    Australia has an extensive list of restricted and prohibited items that should not be sent to the country through courier. Some of the items included in your parcel could seem as if they are just ordinary items, but if you are to protect your business reputation, you should confirm that you are not sending items that are not allowed into the country by courier. For instance, some of the prohibited materials include:

    Products made of leather
    Soap and washing preparations
    Live plants and trees
    Fruit cartons etc.

    If your business includes any of these outlawed items, then not using even the best international couriers will help you to get your parcel into Australia.

    3. Ensure you are Using Strong Packaging Material

    The journey to Australia is quite a long one regardless of where you are sending the parcel from. To protect the contents of the parcel when using the best international couriers, it is highly recommended to use new and highly resilient packaging material. This is very important because when you send a parcel to Australia, it will likely travel via air, sea, and road, along with the fact that it must be sorted and scanted at several deports during its journey. Hence, it is essential to use a durable and strong packaging when sending any business parcels to Australia.

    One of the best international couriers to send a parcel to Australia is Courierpoint. Make sure your visit their website and get the best postage prices for your business.

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