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    Stunning Features of Top Israeli Fashion Designs

    April 20, 2017

    The Israeli design industry is enjoying greater prominence at the moment. Top Israeli designers have broken through into the global clique and are now dressing some of the most glamorous women from around the world. Stars such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce have been seen on the red carpet opting for Israeli designers rather than the conventional Italian and European brands. Despite this Hollywood demand, our nation’s designers are creating unique looks that are distinctly Israeli. This means that even in the crowded couture and clothing apparel industry, these fashion lines do stand out from the pack. So, here are just a few stunning features of the top Israeli fashion designs.

    Urban Style Israel Clothing:

    There is a common misconception that Israel clothing is dull and boring. Some people assume that if we want to wear Israeli clothing, we must want to look like an old handmaid. However, the top designers are dispelling this myth with some fantastic urban styles. These lines of clothing feature clean cuts, sophisticated trims and a careful treatment of fabrics. When this is combined with hand crafting techniques, it creates collections that are both fresh and natural, yet incredibly varied. These pieces look sophisticated and tailored so that they can be worn stylishly to any occasion.

    Effortlessly Flattering:

    The top Israeli fashion designers understand that whatever our age or style, we want our clothing to suit any hour of the day and flatter our body shape. Most of us don’t want to wear shapeless garments that hang rather than drape. The designer’s understanding has meant that there are now fantastic collections that not only please fashion forward but ensure that women feel confident, beautiful and stylish. With minimalistic lines and contemporary tailoring, the premium materials used are elevated further to create high quality, effortlessly flattering clothing. This unique aesthetic means that you can enjoy a new interpretation of femininity.

    Modern and Wearable Items:

    One of the most important features of any clothing item is that it feels comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable, then you are not likely to feel beautiful or stylish. Some Israeli designers have taken this feature as a major priority and created collections that drape and glide over a woman’s frame by using intricate shaping, stunning cuts, and simple fabrics. This means that you can not only look modern and on trend, but also feel cool, comfortable and attractive. The collections showcase that the designer understands what women want and has captured this with all the right notes, ensuring the items can be worn comfortably, day or night.

    Attention to Detail:

    Whether they are using raw materials or high quality fabrics, a very noticeable feature of Israeli fashion designs is the attention to detail. There is superior stitching that makes each piece look distinct, exclusive and textured. This attention to detail means that any imperfections in the fabrics showcase the beauty of the piece. This exaggerated, dramatic approach means that the meticulous attention is showcased beautifully, creating a distinctly unique and Israeli clothing and accessory line.

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