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    The Most Successful Women in San Francisco Real Estate

    April 27, 2017

    The real estate market is a tough field with a lot of competition. Finding success in smaller markets and tiny towns is relatively easy. However, carving out your niche in larger markets and popular cities is much more difficult. This is especially true for the city of San Francisco.

    While it is a stunning city with beautiful weather, the popularity of this particular area is largely due to the tech boom. More and more technology companies are making their headquarters in and around the San Francisco area. Space is obviously at a premium, meaning that real estate agents need to be not just competent but creative in order to fulfill their clients’ wishes. Some real estate agents in particular have risen above the rest as winning real estate agents in San Francisco.

    Read on for a list of just a few of the women who are currently making their mark as the most successful women in San Francisco real estate.

    Nina Hatvany

    This real estate wizard was named the top real estate agent in 2014 thanks to her incredible sales total of $187,150,500. Hatvany’s website is filled with glowing reviews of her work and her clients certainly seem to agree with her status as the top real estate agent. These positive testimonials paint a picture of a thoughtful and helpful real estate agent that is extremely supportive of her clients. Surely this level of attention has led to extremely positive client referrals only boosting her status in the field.

    Deborah Nguyen

    Going far beyond just the San Francisco market, Nguyen has been identified as One of the Best Agents in America by Real Trends, likely thanks in large part to her lifetime sales total of over $250 million. Yet again, this agent has positively superb reviews. Ratings on Zillow are nothing short of amazing with clients specifically praising Nguyen’s incredible knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market. Her Zillow profile also lists an impressive past listings log that shows in concrete terms just how successful she has been in the field. Just a quick glance through the testimonials she has received shows how much she knows about real estate and how helpful she has been to her clients.

    Alina Aeby

    One of the most notable aspects of Aeby’s career is how successful she has been while still taking the time and effort to ensure she gives back. Aeby is actively involved in the San Francisco community and donates to organizations like the local food bank and the Meals on Wheels program showing just how dedicated she is to the San Francisco community. In addition to her charitable efforts, Aeby is also an incredible real estate agent. Her Trulia profile has only positive reviews, and she has received an incredible 0% negative feedback from past clients.

    Sometimes the industry can be painted as cold and ruthless. The women on this list have gotten to the top through a lot of excellent client interactions and hard work giving a new and refreshing perspective on the real estate industry. Their unique backgrounds and hard work in various fields have led them to cultivate successful careers in the real estate field. Their accomplishments would be impressive in any market, but these women have risen to the top of one of the biggest and most challenging markets in the United States. As the city’s real estate market grows and changes, it will be interesting to watch the new stars that rise to the top of the San Francisco real estate scene. You can probably bet that these three women will be ranked fairly highly on those lists for years to come.

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