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    Understanding Influencer Marketing and Hooking up with Influencers

    April 20, 2017

    During the last couple of years most marketers as well as big firms have started to observe just how beneficial influencers could be. Stretching across social networks, blogs, video sharing platforms and other sites – influencers are actually any kind of information writer that has an immense following and consistently attracts a huge audience.

    The idea behind influencer marketing is actually exceedingly easy: By connecting with influencers and getting them to produce content regarding or related to your products, you will gain valuable publicity in front of their target market. For example in blogging it might take the form of sponsored posts, in which you get reviews on products from an influencer.

    In order for influencer marketing to have an effect however, you need to:

    • Research influencers
    Absolutely no influencer will probably be fascinated with reviewing or creating content about an item which is not linked to their target market. For this reason, you will have to research potential influencers in your niche to find individuals who suite the product or service that you’re advertising.

    • Provide reciprocity
    For influencers, producing content isn’t a ‘hobby’ but a job – so they expect reciprocity. Usually for widely known influencers that comes in the form of payment, although some potential influencers with minor followings might accept free trials if you’re fortunate.

    • Build connections
    When you’ve linked with an influencer, it is best to continue to build on and develop that relationship. Striking up a connection with an influencer by communicating with them, being forthright as well as expressing an original interest in them can go a very long way – especially the next time you need to call on their services.

    Tips on how to Start Connecting with Influencers

    Now that you understand the gist of how influencer marketing functions, it could be apparent that the toughest aspect is linking with influencers in the first place. Sending out spam email messages is not the solution, and instead you should:

    • Address mails to influencers personally
    A concept as easy as addressing influencers by name may go a long way, as can showing these individuals that you know their target market and how they work. Assuming you did your study it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve this.

    • Get straight to the point
    Usually an influencer gets so many email messages and propositions that they aren’t likely to stick around if you don’t get to the aim immediately. Incidentally ‘the point’ referred to is both what you need from them, and what you’re offering in exchange.

    • Acknowledge and also leverage their ingenuity and connection to their audience
    Part of what makes influencer marketing so effective is the fact that the influencer already has a link to their audience and thus happens to be proven to create content they like. This is one thing you should admit and leverage, not smother.

    Make no mistake, influencer marketing can provide some truly incredible outcomes – especially if you link up with the suitable influencer and the content they create resonates with their target market. Eventually while you create more connections with influencers, you may even be able to follow up and also enjoy more rewards in the future.

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