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    Wedding Cake Traditions Followed By the World

    April 20, 2017

    The presence of cake in any wedding has become a very necessary practice across many cultures and countries. Any couple would dream of a cake cutting ceremony on their special day to mark the turning point of their lives. Wedding cake traditions stem, particularly from the western culture. Wedding cakes are treated equivalently to the bride’s expensive gown. Hyderabad celebrates this tradition gracefully among its citizens. Hyderabad and its wedding cakes have been belonging together in almost all wedding ceremonies since a very long period.

    You must have noticed that most of the traditional wedding cakes come in tiers or levels. It provides the cake an extravagant outlook. The height of the cake is systematically designed to perfect the structure of traditional wedding cakes. Wedding cakes symbolize the expression of good fortune, love, happiness, and fertility in most of the countries and cultures.

    Wedding Cake Traditions across Cultures

    The modern wedding cakes in the United Kingdom are diverse in their shapes, colors, and sizes. People used to celebrate weddings with the traditional three-tiered cakes, which is no longer a part of the tradition. The people of the United Kingdom want more of attractive and creative ways of celebrating weddings with cakes. Sometimes, you may come across wedding cakes that are decorated in accord to the basic theme of the marriage ceremony. The decoration and the cake are seen to be in complete sync. Most of the cakes in the United Kingdom use a type of cheese as the key ingredient called marzipan. 

    In contrast to the UK, the United States’ wedding cake traditions are more inclined towards using the layered form of design as the cake structure. They are made of a lot of icing and cream in a variety of creative designs. The traditional wedding cakes used to be layered as well. But, the making of modern cakes is a lot more focused on creativity and decorations. Intricate detailings are the key feature of modern wedding cakes in the United States.

    The Japanese culture looks at wedding cakes as an extremely crucial part of any wedding. Their cakes have an extreme amount of details with complex art. As wedding cakes are treated as an obligation in Japan, the prices of these wedding cakes are extremely high. Many people have difficulty affording such cakes for their wedding. This leaves room only for the rich people to be able to afford these high-end wedding cakes. Some people in Japan, due to their economic concerns, pretend to cut a plastic cake and serve sheet cake to the guests later.

    People in the Iceland follow the tradition of cutting ring cakes on the day of the wedding that is either in the tiered or layered form.

    In India, celebrating marriages withy cakes are not so predominant in the Hindu culture. But, adding the flavor of wedding cakes will just increase the level of sweetness in the celebration. In looking into the lives of the Christian community in India, the cake cutting tradition is extremely prevalent.

    Wedding cake traditions are a part of most of the cultures in the world. You can buy wedding cakes either from a store or order online. Numerous websites allow you the opportunity to order your desired cake by letting you see pictures of the available cakes. If you are based out of Hyderabad or any other city in India, you can directly order your wedding cake and have it delivered from

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