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    Dyslexia and Reading Problems

    March 31, 2017

    People face different problems while their studying. Oftentimes, the problems are associated with some health deviations and ailments. Dyslexia is the most common health deviation in students. This learning disability occurs in nearly 80% of all illnesses of the students. It strikes both genders and sufficiently disturbs a normal way of learning.

    Dyslexia is a very difficult language illness. It is associated with various problems of the functioning of the human cerebrum. Many people wrongly think that it is induced by visionary problems. Nevertheless, the main factor is an inappropriate work of the cerebrum. It simply cannot put a word into the sounds, as well as to write it or even think about how it should sound.

    Beyond all doubts, it causes really huge troubles for any person. All the students who wish to study, may not be able to reach their goals due to this illness. The examinees do not even know how to hold a book. It may develop at any age.

    One of the studies was targeted at the age problem of this illness. It is known as Age-Related Changes in Reading Systems of Dyslexic Children. It was conducted by Bennett A. Shaywitz, MD, Pawel Skudlarski and other authors. The objective of this study was to examine changes, which are associated with the age characteristics. It involved children and adolescents aged 7-18 tears of age. The scientists explored the neural system for reading with the help of functional resonance imaging.

    The results showed that there was no difference in asymmetry between people of various age. Consequently, the scientists draw the conclusion that the complications are not dependent on the age. The further researches will take place to discover more about age impact on the illness.

    The Importance of an Early Diagnosis

    Each age group of examinees has its own complications due to the illness. Nevertheless, it is utterly important to diagnose dyslexia as soon as possible. If a kid has such a problem, he or she would start falling behind the others more and more. This would induce frustration, increase the feeling of a constant failure and would kill away any self-confidence. Consequently, the identification of dyslexia in the early stages if of a great importance. Of course, it should be also immediately treated. In such occasion, one would avoid multiple potential problems.

    How to Help the Matter?

    One of the greatest drawbacks of the illness is that it will never go away. This is a lifelong illness. Therefore, even if a person was properly treated and it became possible to eliminate the symptoms, it may return. This may happen at any age. Due to this discouraging fact, people who suffer from dyslexia should be always watched and properly treated.

    Unfortunately, there are no remedies, which would help to overcome this severe deviation. Nevertheless, there are other methods to get rid of it when it returns. The best method is learning. It is somehow ironic, but this learning problem may be treated with persistence in studying.

    Those who suffer from it are not able to properly read the simplest book. They cannot write the easiest essay. Under such conditions, parents hire special tutors, who develop all basic skills needed for a normal learning. Oftentimes, parents look for special companies to get online assignment help to cope with various academic tasks, which cannot be currently done by their children.

    In addition, there are many books, which tell in detail the methodology of the wok with such children. They are great assistants for children with this disability and help to overcome reading problems.

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