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    10 Tips for Getting in “O, The Oprah Magazine”, “SELF Magazine”, Daily Candy, etc.

    April 1, 2009

    We all want great press. The benefits are priceless. It creates consumer awareness, drives sales, gives you prestige, opens up new retail channels, etc. So how do you get it?  


    Here’s a highlight of Psi Bands’ press…


    …and how we got it:

    1)     We have a great story to tell – and the media embraces it. Here’s ours: Most people are familiar with the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention". And in the case of Psi Bands, this expression is literally true.  Psi Bands (pronounced "sigh" bands) were conceived by Carla Falcone, my friend and now business partner, and me (Romy Taormina) after commiserating about the lack of fashionable acupressure wrist bands to relieve our severe morning sickness. Psi Bands were "born" as a result -- a product devoted to helping mothers (and others) seeking a more fashionable and functional way to alleviate nausea.  What unique story can you tell?

    2)      We keep the pitch current – the media always wants to tell the story first, or to tell it differently. So, our pitch for Mother’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Summer Travel, etc. are all different. Get creative – and have fun!

    3)      We subscribe to a media source – if you are a Savor the Success Premium Member, are you utilizing the free media lists available to you? The media source provides the contacts that you need to connect with the right person.

    4)      We stay current with the press – what’s happening out there? Make your one page pitch timely.  

    5)      We know when to pitch – know the lead times of the specific magazines/sites. Magazine lead times are typically 3-4 months out whereas online sources and newspapers are far shorter.

    6)      We flip through the magazines/read through online sources before ever pitching – if you want to be featured in a particular magazine/site, know what kinds of topics, points of interest they are covering. How does yours fit in? What section of the magazine/site does your product/service best fit?

    7)      We follow up – you have to follow up, usually several times. It’s a delicate dance because you don’t want to bother the editors, but you do want them to remember you. Sometimes they will file your idea/product for later, and then you may get a call out of the blue. Sometimes it’s just luck.

    8)      We have great photography – if you want a magazine to feature you or your product, you need to have professional shots ready to go. Show them that you are serious.

    9)      We can deliver – be prepared to deliver your product or service on short notice (this is especially true of online sources because you may only find out 24 hours ahead of time that you will be featured). Is your web site equipped to handle the extra traffic? Do you have proper inventory on hand?  

    10)  We have a comprehensive, easy to navigate web site. When someone goes to our web site, they can find our product shot, see what we look like (creates a personal touch – and when they are featuring us vs Psi Bands, they need to know what we look like), read about our story, read testimonials, learn about our product through FAQs, and see who we are selling to (we have set the foundation for distribution). 


    I welcome your questions and suggestions.


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