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    Four Sustaining Qualities to Help Women in Business

    September 24, 2009

    As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am returning from the Moms in Business Unite conference in San Diego (we, Psi Bands, won the all-expense paid trip from Boogie Wipes). From that conference I learned many things. Here are some more relevant business tips to help you sustain and grow your business.

    The following four qualities are what the Boogie Moms, Mindee and Julie, believe define today's woman entrepreneur...with some of my own embellishments.


    1. Vulnerable

    If you are a mom, you know all to well what it’s like to be vulnerable. Picture yourself giving birth. Legs up in stir ups. A dozen people looking at your privates. You are sore, you need to learn to do things you’ve never experienced before (i.e. recovering from a c-section, nursing, cleaning the umbilical cord), and you are likely hormonal. Does it get more vulnerable than this? And yet, we do it. We manage to push through it. And then many of us do it (i.e. have another child) again.


    If you are a woman, you are bold and we have been through quite a lot in the last century. We stand as a strong, collective force, but we are often vulnerable as we tend to wear our emotions on our sleeves.


    When you feel vulnerable, embrace it. When we have these feelings, it’s often when we are learning the most. Push through it, just like you did when you gave birth or overcame a hardship.


    2. Resourceful

    If you are a mom, then you know how resourceful you can be. You have the mini van packed with wipes, water, snacks, diapers, toys, park toys, and the list goes on. You are prepared, no matter what, for the hungry, bored, sticky child. And, even if you are not prepared (i.e. your baby’s diaper leaked all over you when you were carrying him/her at the grocery store), you stop grocery shopping, leave your cart in the middle of the aisle, and make a b-line to the exit, and return home to change. Or, perhaps, you finish up your shopping with a nice grin on your face, not because you’re particularly happy about the situation, but because you finished the shopping even under duress. You did it. You found a way to deal with the situation, even if it was not what you had envisioned.


    If you are a woman, you juggle caring for an ailing loved one, running a full time business, sitting on the board of a local nonprofit, running the household, paying the bills, etc. You get the picture. Our lives are so busy, but you have made these choices because you enjoy what you do, you feel a need to help others, and you find a way to make it work.


    We are resourceful and know how to adapt – in our personal lives as well as in business.


    3. Risk Taking

    If you are a mom, you are a risk taker. You didn’t know what impact pregnancy and the birth would have on you. Yet, you were willing to take that risk because the potential to hold, love, and nurture your own child outweighed the risks.


    If you are a woman, you have taken many risks throughout your lifetime. For example, every time you start a new relationship (with a friend, business partner, life partner, colleague), you are taking a risk. You are opening yourself up for a fulfilling relationship, but the outcome may not produce the desired results. You make a financial investment. There is the potential for gain or loss. You take a new job. You may love or hate it. 


    In our personal lives, we take daily risks, some greater than others. You have to be willing to take risks in business. Some are scary. Some make you feel extremely vulnerable. The more you risk, the greater the potential reward.


    How much are you willing to risk on your business? Are you willing to sell your car, take a loan against your house to finance your company, work with steadfast determination and pull all nighters because you have a important deadline to meet?


    Running a business is not easy. It’s a roller coaster full of ups and downs. If you are an entrepreneur, you are willing to take this ride because you believe in what you are doing.  


    4. Determination

    If you are a mom, I know you are determined. You gave birth and pushed that baby out. Or, you were strong and recovered from a c-section. Don’t mess with a mom who has had to advocate for their child regarding their physical and mental well being.


    If you are a woman, you have pushed through life’s challenges: difficult relationships, unrewarding jobs, illness, and you have overcome.


    If you are a woman business owner, than you are likely very passionate about what you do, otherwise it would be difficult to sustain your momentum. Your determination allows you to push through the difficult times, and you feel (or should feel) a sense of accomplishment from doing so. The determination keeps us going, keeps fueling our life’s mission (make sure your business goals or consistent with your life mission), and allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work.



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