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    How do you define SUCCESS?

    February 25, 2009

    The other day, my business partner, Carla, and I got on the topic of success as it pertained to a specific milestone, where she helped me to realize that I was focusing on financials and neglecting to look at the overall picture. She was right.


    Why was I so focused on the numbers? Well, I need to be as a business owner in order to pay the bills, keep employees/consultants paid, and to support my family. That said, Carla correctly reminded me that success can be defined in many ways. We must focus on the financials as a business owner; however, we must also not lose site of other successes which come in many shapes and sizes – assisting others, overcoming a barrier, learning a new skill, or the satisfaction of a job well done.


    Yesterday Carla shared an inspiring quote with me that I wanted to pass along to you: “When your dream and reality become one, you stop growing. It takes discipline to keep your dream bigger than your reality." – Art Jonak


    What is YOUR definition of success?


    P.S. One of Psi Bands’ goals for 2009 is to land another large retail account (5,000+ stores).

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