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    Learning from mistakes, even costly, embarassing ones

    October 12, 2009


    Thankfully that is NOT my car...

    About 8 months ago, I backed out of a sandwich shop and hit a cement post that was low to the ground and that could not be seen out of my rear view window. I took out my tail light and did unsightly damage to my car – even at 5 MPH. Cars can be finicky (pricy!) in that way.


    After consulting with my insurance company, I was told that if I waited until October to have the repairs done, my insurance premium would not increase. You guessed it. I waited….for 8 months.


    I use my car daily. I am not in a large city where I have access to subways. It was really hard for me to suck it up…to look at the damage on a daily basis.  But I did.


    The day I was eligible to bring my car in for service, I did. My insurance is not going up. In the long run, I am better off for waiting. Was I personally scarred that I drove a dented car for 8 months…no. The only “scars” that remain are to the cement post which has some of my black car paint on it.


    Just as in personal lives, we are often faced with costly business mistakes. We are challenged to find ways to deal with them, which often lead to better, more careful decision making. You can bet that I will not pull out of a parking spot in the future without checking high and low.


    Lessons that can be learned from this mistake:

    • No need to be embarrassed about mistakes. They are growth opportunities.
    • Perseverance pays off.


    P.S. Coincidentally, I have a close friend who also hit that same cement post. What are the odds!

    P.P.S. One of Psi Bands' goals is to land another large retail account (5000+ stores).

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