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    Maximizing driving time

    May 21, 2009

    Yesterday I had an out of town meeting. Roundtrip the drive was 7 hours, and I was the driver with no passengers. And, by the way, I don’t care for long road trips.


    I was trying to maximize my driving time. I think I faired well in some cases, and failed in others. In advance of that next road trip, consider the following ideas:


    1. Check out a book on tape from the library – listen to something productive or fun
    2.  Make a list of those people you need and/or want to call – and program them into your cell phone. Why not take this opportunity to make personal calls to those friends/family members you may not have called otherwise because life “gets in the way”?
    3. Pack snacks/drinks so you don’t have to stop for them (and saves $)
    4. Fill up the gas tank (will likely save you time not having to pull off the freeway and will save you $ because when you fill up at your local station, you probably chose that station for its competitive prices). If you need to re-fill the tank because the trip is really long, plan to eat/stretch/take your bathroom break in conjunction with filling up
    5. Use the time to “mediate” and/or brainstorm new ideas for your business


    What do you do to maximize your time when you are diving alone?


    P.S. One of Psi Bands’ goals is to land another large retailer account (5000 stores).

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