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Pacific Grove, CA

    Promoting your company on a small budget

    November 5, 2008

    Most of us have small marketing budgets but small doesn’t mean ineffective. What are you doing to stretch your marketing dollars? Are you following your marketing plan (do you have a marketing plan?). Advertising. SEO (search engine optimization). PR (public relations). Direct response. Social marketing. Are these sounding familiar? If not, start researching. The bottom line: it all needs to lead to sales. If it’s not, rethink your messaging, channels, tactics, target audiences. Now is the time to get creative.


    At Psi Bands, we focus a great deal of our resources on PR, which has the benefit of being far more believable than advertising AND far less costly (of course the con to PR is that we don’t control the content of our features or when they are published). And, we have had great success ( We have a great story to tell and we consistently tell it in different ways depending on the source and time of year. (This takes expertise, so if this is not your strength, consider hiring out the service and becoming a STS Premium Member.) Features in “O, The Oprah Magazine”, “Virtuoso”, and “Self”, for example, have led to consumer sales, new retail accounts, and prestige. The prestige factor is important because it leads to new opportunities such as radio interviews and speaking engagements, and the more of these we do, the more PR we get! Success breeds success.


    We also invest in our image - so important! From our packaging to web site to product to press kit (to the clothes we wear to business meetings and the way we treat our customers) we have a consistent look and feel. We send a clear message that we are poised for growth. This doesn’t mean you have to drop dime. You just have to be creative and resourceful. Ask for referrals to graphics designers and printers. Shop around.


    We network, blog, and apply for awards (where applicable) – these can all be done from your office (i.e. no out of pocket expenses). They do take time, however, so make sure they are paying off and leading to sales. 


    We partner with a nonprofit, Fertile Hope, ( whose target audiences overlap ours. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that opens doors to other profitable partnerships. This allows us to stretch our marketing dollars.


    Do you have a marketing success story? If yes, please share it! What did you do? How was it a success? Was it low budget? Can it be duplicated in other industries?

    P.S. One of my goals for Psi Bands in 2009 is to land another large retail account (5,000+ stores).

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