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    Want quick, unbiased results on a business question?

    December 1, 2008

    Yesterday in my attempt to familiarize myself with Twitter and all the Twitter-riffic accompaniments, I came across a web site that surveys groups of independent voters with quick results (we can reach further than we could before with unbiased results). I thought I would test it out…so I just posted a question. Now I’ll wait, and report back in later with results.

    Do you have a burning question that you would like to have answered…something that would add value to your business (i.e. would you  pay $10, $15, $20, or $25 for my product, would you buy a XYZ for your 10-year old child, etc.)? If yes, give it a try and let us know how it goes. If you don’t, keep this resource for your back pocket.

    Here's what their "About" page says:

    In 2004 James Surowiecki wrote a best-selling book called "The Wisdom of Crowds."  The book's premise is that diverse, decentralized people voting independently are better at predicting future events or trends than individuals, small groups or even domain experts.

    There are tools for surveying groups of independent voters, but they're either slow, expensive or both. We built Ask500People to gather input and opinion data in minutes instead of days, and to create a platform that other applications can integrate.

    P.S. One of my goals for  Psi Bands in 2009 is to land another large retail account (5,000+ stores).

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