I got a bad review on Yelp this week (and it was so unwarranted)!

    June 17, 2011

    I am starting to think that I'm a big walking ball of content. Earlier this week, something kind of disturbing happened to me. We hired a cleaning lady to clean the store, and she ended up being a huge handful... and wrote something really awful about me on Yelp! Since we get tons of business from Yelp (are you working Yelp yet? If not... you should really consider even if you don't have a storefront because it's a real revenue generator), it was something I had to deal with immediately. 

    vlog about the situation, what I did about it, and I have a surprise guest who provides lots of empowering tools that you can use to protect yourself. :)

    Please tweet or FB this: Founder of Savor the Success gets bad review online (and how she responded):  http://bit.ly/9YHKPC via @savorthesuccess

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