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    June 3, 2010

    It's been a crazy week with our apartment move so I didn't have time to vlog.  But there is an important lesson that I've learned about sales from my Om Aroma retail space at the Limelight so I just had to write to you even amidst movers taking out big boxes of stuff!

    There was a time (a few years ago) when a sale was actually quite easy. People were much quicker to open their wallets and spend without thinking. Being on the sales floor this past month, I see how there is a psychological barrier now and it takes a bit longer to make the decision to buy.

    During Limelight's opening week, foot traffic was fabulous, and I was quite happy with our sales figures.  As the novelty of the Limelight opening is wearing off and as summer approaches, fewer and fewer people are coming in.  On some days, it's dead and we will see maybe 26 people pass by in one day.  Obviously, this affects our sales.  At first, I felt frustrated with the lack of traffic flow and wanted to write an email to management about what they could do to increase it for us.  Then I had an epiphany.

    I was interviewing a seasoned cosmetics counter saleswoman who used to work for Estee Lauder.  She was applying to work for Om Aroma because she wanted to "green" her skincare. We clicked right away because she just had a child (mothers just get it - how hard it is!), and I think she had a soft spot for the company after I told her my story.  She was asking for $30/hour, which was way too high for us (who knew that those cosmetic salespeople make so much per hour?!)  But she told me something that gave me my epiphany.

    "Foot traffic is just gravy!  You are going to have to hire salespeople who know how to clientele.  By that, I mean they have to start building their client list and become best friends with them. They have to invite clients whenever you do an event or have a sale or do anything special.  They must work for every single sale.  Look around... there's no one here. You can't count on foot traffic, especially in this economy. Anyway, counting on foot traffic is so 1980's. That doesn't work anymore."    


    We are going to have personalize each of our sales in order to create a loyal, long-term following. Every single person that walks into our space and buys something will receive a personalized email from us within two weeks.  Every single potential customer will hear from us in a personalized email.  And we will work for every single sale.  This includes website sales.  (Yes, my salespeople have started their "Black Book" of their customers and are expected to send out these emails every week!)

    Time and energy?  Heck yes!  But it's an investment in a longer-term selling process to get our "first circle" of customers excited and buzzing about us.  Then they will tell their friends who will tell their friends.  

    So what will you do to begin personalizing your sales?  My suggestion to you is to do the following:

    1. Get the contact info of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who purchases from you... via website, craft fairs, or otherwise.  If you talk to them, make sure to write down something personal about them.

    2. Contact them 2 weeks after they purchase to ask them how they are enjoying your product/service.  Personalize it (this is where your note-taking is invaluable!)

    3. Contact them every month via a newsletter, phone call, or email (don't be a car salesman about it... provide something valuable... Give, give, get!)

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