Ever Taken Miami Wine Courses

    October 31, 2016

    Wine tasting is a great experience and taking up some wine courses in Miami allows you to try all kinds of new flavors you may have not yet encountered. Unless you are completely new to wine, you may know by now that a bottle roughly priced at $10 may taste better to you than some $200 bottle. Whether you're new to wine or Miami wine courses, or not, here are some wine-tasting tips you may or may not be aware of.

    There's not really one average price to wine courses Miami. You may find packages ranging from $30 - $60 or more, or you may find wine tasting events for free. It's up to the wineries, restaurants and/or coordinators. The busier a place is serving wine, the more expensive a Miami wine course may be. If you're looking for a fun wine adventure on a small budget, try to find wine courses in the quieter parts of the city.

    Tourism offices are a great place to begin finding places in Miami that offer wine courses. But before you go ask for recommendations, you should figure out the kind of wine course location(s) you'd prefer to find. What type of wine do you prefer? What kind of an experience are you hoping for? Research online in the area of

    Miami that you are or will be in, then contact tourism for further assistance.

    Spit or swallow? Chew or swirl? Personally I'd recommend you don't just swallow it down. You want to actually taste and, presumably, savor the flavor a bit. Plus you don't want to be drinking wine like you're doing shots. If you get drunk too early, you may miss out most of the evening. 

    As for the other three options? Your choice is your own.

    Many Miami wine courses will teach you the basics to truly experience and appreciate a wine. You may be familiar with their styles. They'll swirl and observe the glass, usually held up to light. They'll sniff the wine and insist you do the same. They'll ask you to sip and wait so the wine can give you an idea of its complex flavors. All the while, they'll explain what you're looking for in each style of wine offered. 

    No matter the size of a glass poured, don't feel obligated to finish it all. You can empty it into an available wine bucket if you dislike it or are just awaiting the chance to try the next glass.

    Also don't feel obligated to purchase any wine bottles. The courteous time to buy one is when you're experiencing a free Miami wine course. But if you just really liked a glass, buying a bottle of the blend is fine. I mean, really. Who am I to tell you what to buy. Brought to you by FWA wine tasting classes Miami.

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