Israel Tourism - Some Of The Tourist Attractions The Country Is Famous For!

    December 2, 2016

    Israel, the holy land for Jews, Christians and Muslims is not only a sacred country for pilgrims and devotes but also for the tourists who are looking for some thrills and chills along with some adventure. Israel has a very homely atmosphere and approach towards all kinds of tourists with Tel-Aviv leading the pack of being the first gay and transgender friendly city in the world.

    When in Israel for a trip, the holy land Israel has you in its grips, for religious tombs and mosques to serene and well-preserved churches, from a beautiful coastline and sandy beaches to the exuberant and never ending nightlife, the country of Israel has everything on its palette to satisfy the hunger of a tourist. When in this beautiful country, there are a lot of things which you should do, some of which are mentioned below :

    Floating in dead Sea

    The dead Sea is one it's kind in the world, containing the highest concentration of salt which makes you unsinkable if you are planning to lay back in the water and just float!  Sounds to real to be true?  Well, that's the charm which revolves around the dead Sea.

    A tour around the old city of Jerusalem

    With its rich history and well-preserved relics and monuments, Jerusalem is a haven for tourists you seek to derive a sense of peace and calmness amidst history. Some iconic attractions are the western wall, holy sepulcher church, and rock dome.

    Carmel market of Tel-Aviv

    If you are planning on getting a taste real Israel, Carmel market in Tel-Aviv is the ideal place for you to showcase your bargaining skills and shop a bagful of goodies for you to cherish and be proud of.

    Scuba diving and snorkeling in the red Sea

    So you love adventures?  Sea adventures especially?  Fret not since Israel has a budding water sports activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling which are sure to leave you mesmerized. Beautiful coral reefs, exotic fishes and waters that are crystal clear await for you!

    Ramon crater

    Israel is the ideal place for the adventure tourism. Standing on the edge of the world's largest crater is some adventure every tourist would want to experience and Israel gives this opportunity as it is home to the Ramon crater.

    As if these reasons weren't enough to leave you spellbound and forcing you to pack your bags and head for this country, there are many more attractions which are sure to have a lasting effect on you. 

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