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    Freedom in Structure

    July 8, 2011

    For years I cringed at the word "structure." I felt structure was boring. Stifling. For old people. Can't make me do it.

    And now structure is my best friend. My, how times can change.

    For you, as a busy woman entrepreneur who has a lot to juggle, structure can become your best friend too. Let me count the ways:

    * Spending 15 minutes every Friday evening or Sunday afternoon planning your weekly menu and grocery list will save you at least 202 minutes a week (not scientifically verified)  of "OMG, what am I going to prepare tonight when I need to keep working / change diapers / go to the school play / talk to my significant other or I don't want to / don't have time to think / don't want to eat the same thing as I did last night / really shouldn't have frozen yogurt for dinner / don't have this ingredient on hand?"

    * Scheduling  your exercise at the same time each day or, for e.g., weekly for those yoga classes with your favorite instructors, with the commitment you normally reserve for business meetings will increase your feel-good juju, rev up your energy for the rest of the day, give you more resilience against stress, give you clarity of thought, let you feel on top of the world even if you didn't accomplish anything else you wanted to that day, get you on target to live longer, more happily, and looking a heck of a lot better one year from now.

    * Militantly reserving 1 or 2 whole workdays a week with no calls, meetings, or other external commitments for your business can help you get in a flow zone, write better and otherwise be more creative, encourage both you and your team to be more efficient, and give you the space you need to work ON and not just in your business.

    Do you have structures that give you freedom? Do share! I'm always looking for new ideas, and I'm sure everyone reading this is too.

    To your freedom!

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