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    Eating Organic on a Budget: 10 Tips to Save & Savor (Part I of III)

    July 25, 2010

    Eating organic is not just a fad. It's a stand you're taking to improve our agricultural policies and our environmental health (by voting with your dollar) and most immediately, for the betterment of your health.

    With this challenging economy, many of us have become more budget-conscious. What’s a guy / gal to do if your health objective is to eat organic, but your budget’s objective is to stay as small as possible?

    While it’s not always true that organics are more expensive, it is true that food consumption makes up a large percentage of most peoples’ monthly budget – including mine & Andy's (my husband)!

    I’ve compiled ten easy tips for you to maximize your food dollars so that you can stay true to your health and prioritize eating organic, without feeling budgetary guilt.

    • Buy in bulk. Get comfortable with bulk bins in grocery stores that offer them. You’ll save a lot of moolah here alone, and you can buy as much as you need, no more. Some stores have lots of bulk bin options, like food co-ops, including teabags, spices, and jams, even. Some have fewer. Take a field trip and have fun exploring.
    • Compare prices at 2-3 sources before assuming anything. You could do this comparison between, say, your neighborhood grocer, Trader Joe’s, and your local farmer’s market, plus maybe Whole Foods. See if there are types of foods you can get cheaper at one of those places, then pick your top 1-2 to shop at each week.
    • Look for house/generic brands. You may be able to get a house brand of the same product for a lot cheaper. Make sure to read the detailed ingredient label to confirm quality and that they aren’t using cheap, filler ingredients like added sugars, added gluten, or food additives or colorings (if it’s organic, they’re probably not – but check anyway).
    • Make it / chop it / freeze it / can it yourself. If you buy frozen, canned, pre-chopped, pre-washed or in any way pre-prepared foods, you’re very likely paying a steep premium for convenience. Make your own stock and soups, chop your own veggies, bake your own cookies. You’ll cut your bill by about 10-20%+ with this alone.
    • Part II with tips 6-10 coming soon!

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