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    The F Word and Your Business

    February 18, 2011

    It can squelch your enthusiasm.

    It can dampen your belief that you can live a deeply happy, full life.

    It can compromise the growth of your business like nothing else.

    I'm talking about Fatigue, of course.

    Or, more specifically, with you ~ the fab female entrepeneur ~ the decidedly un-fab phenomenon of Founder's FatigueTM.

    Burning the midnight oil, giving up on sleep to create more time -  this inevitably takes a toll.

    Fueling (futilely, I must add) yourself with coffee and sugar takes a MAJOR toll.

    Getting wrapped up in doing it all and having it all and forgetting that to have it all, you shouldn't do it all. Steep toll? Yep.

    Churning with doubt; again, takes a toll.

    All these toll payments eventually deplete your energy bank account and lead to debt and deficiencies.

    Result? Burnout.

    Mental, emotional, psychological, and physical burnout, including:

    • Brain fog that clouds your judgement and ability to simply think.
    • Emotional overwhelm that can extend to the simplest of tasks, let alone the responsibility of pleasing clients and running a business. I remember there was a day during my own crash-and-burn several years ago that I was typing an email... and burst out crying when the phone rang.
    • Despair, anxiety, and depression. The kind that can eat away at your soul, deepest convictions, and belief in success of any kind.
    • Apathy. The death of desire, excitement, and productivity.
    • The onset of chronic health conditions that you could have avoided. Just because you inherited the genes or are getting older doesn’t mean you have to creak, ache, or start falling apart.

    And possibly the saddest cumulative consequence, in our case?

    Not enough energy to create jobs for others who are waiting for them, achieve the reach and sustainable success you deserve, and manifest your purpose in the world.

    The good news?

    Fatigue is reversible. And it’s usually pretty easy and enjoyable to do. How long it will take to recharge and what aids you may need to help you get there will depend on how deeply your energy bank account is depleted.

    Starting today, you can easily implement some quick changes to get yourself more energized:

    • Add 15 minutes of additional sleep a night until you’re sleeping at least 8 hours a night.
    • Drink more water. Our body is 70% water. Dehydration = sneaky fatigue. Aim for 1/2 cup of water or gentle herbal teas, ideally room temperature, per hour that you’re awake. More if you’re active or in a hot and/or dry climate. Coffee, black tea, and juices don’t count.
    • Cut out the noise. Go on a news fast. Turn off the background TV. This will give your nervous system more bandwidth, more resilience, more space to function.
    • Eat your well-rounded breakfast! (Remember this one?) I’m going to keep reminding you - until I’m blue in the face or fingertips if I have to - until every single one of you is having a healthy breakfast.

      Make sure it’s not just bagels, cereal, juice - a veritable refined carb fest that will rob your body of your energy bank account even further. Well-rounded means it has some complex carbs (~60% of calories), some healthy fats (~20% of calories), and some protein (~20% of calories). About 15 grams of proteins is a good benchmark.

      Here’s a sample breakfast. What I ate this morning, actually: an open face smoked salmon sandwich made with my favorite gluten-free toast and a generous 6 TBS of fresh dill and parsley “stuffed” underneath the 4 oz of salmon. Today, I needed more fat (my body told me!) so I added a pat of butter too. Plus an apple and you have a great start to your day.

    I’d love to hear from you:

    • What struggles do you face with energy?
    • What kinds of energy patterns in your day prevent you being at your best?
    • What kind of information or support are you craving to be able to reverse fatigue and fuel your energy the right way?

    The more I hear from you, the more I can help, so bring it on!

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