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    Tips for Eating on the Road ~ Part I

    April 27, 2010

    This past week, my husband (and fellow foodie) Andy and I were on vacation, eating our way... ehem... walking our way through Buenos Aires, where he used to live. I have some eating restrictions (can’t do gluten, for example) so I made sure to prepare a little beforehand. A little prep goes a long way.

    You may find these tips handy as you get ready for the trek to NYC for the STS Rock the World event next week (wooo hooo!):

    If traveling internationally, make sure to order a healthier meal option with the airline. Most airlines still offer one or two meals on international flights, and have a surprisingly wide variety of meals. You can try a kosher meal, gluten-free meal, vegetarian meal, even if you normally don't eat this way. Try something new! These offerings are usually healthier and taste better, too.

    Research restaurants that suit your needs before you travel.
    Thank goodness for Google. These days, you can find vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free restaurants, natural food markets, and more with just a few clicks. We found a whopping 4 vegetarian restaurants within walking distance of our hotel in meat-happy Buenos Aires in just a few minutes. I’m not a vegetarian, but it was nice to have access to my veggies when most restaurants there serve meat and potatoes.

    Get a hotel room with a fridge and shop for basics at the closest healthy market.
    In NY, this could be a farmer’s market, Whole Foods, or the like. Sometimes I even choose my hotel based on its proximity to such a market. This way, you can get your own yoghurt, fruit, granola, and other breakfast options or snacks squared away in a budget-friendly way. In Buenos Aires, we stocked up on our own bottled water and saved a lot by doing so.

    Invest in a travel cutlery kit and carry 1-2 paper towel sheets with you.
    You can find a cutlery kit for less than $10. It's not fun to be excited about your snack or travel meal, only to realize you forgot to pick up utensils and napkins!

    Enjoy getting ready for your travels and stay tuned for Part II coming later this week...

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