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    5 Utterly Unoriginal Business Ideas

    March 1, 2017

    If you’re planning to start your own business, you need an idea.  Not just any idea though, a good one, an original one.  It’s harder than you might think actually, to come up with an original idea.  Of course you can take an idea and put an original spin on it, but chances are if you pick one of these ideas the market is already over-saturated and the competition will be stiff!

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    #1. Coffee Shop

    ‘But I’m good at making muffins!’ I can hear you wailing.  That doesn’t mean you will be able to run a successful coffee shop.  If you live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, with no other delis or cafes around then yes, your home-made muffins and carrot cake could be the talk of the town!  Opening a trendy coffee shop in Shoreditch however is a different matter.  You’ll need heaps of money to invest in premises, qualified baristas, endless energy and enthusiasm and superior baking skills, not to mention an iron-clad aura of happiness and positivity which can’t be shaken by even the most annoying hipster demanding non-fat soya milk in their latte.  Definitely think twice before opening a coffee shop in any city – you are not Starbucks!

    #2. Wedding Planner

    Just because you love weddings and pretty white dresses doesn’t mean you’ll be a good wedding planner.  Key attributes any wannabe wedding planner needs to possess are organisation, industry knowledge and communication skills.  Without these you are going nowhere fast.  Even with these skills, competition is fierce, particularly in big cities.  Maybe you should just stick to planning your own big day.

    #3. Catering Service

    Unless you are bringing something very unique to the table, don’t even think about starting a catering service. There are so many caterers in London doing a better job than you for half the price that you will be priced out of existence before you can get another steak on the griddle.  If you do live in a big city and are determined to make a living running a catering service, opt for a niche such as weddings or funerals – at least you are guaranteed customers!

    #4. Modern Fast Food

    You’ve been to Leon. You loved it, it’s inspired!  But you think you could do it better.  Modern fast food in a slightly more chilled out environment than your average burger joint, created with fun, fresh ingredients.  Well, you could put your own spin on it, but this just has a ‘been there, done that’ vibe.  These joints are popping up all over London, and to my mind nobody does it better than Leon.

    #5. Virtual PA/Concierge Service

    You might think it would be easy managing a team of ‘virtual’ assistants who complete all kinds of tasks for wealthy clients, from running errands and booking event tickets to typing up an audio file.  But it’s not. It’s a bad idea.  You’re destined to find the strange sort of clients who want their PA to clean their entire eight bedroom Kensington mansion wearing a French Maid’s outfit.  Honestly, you’ll find them, or they will find you.  Plus, there are hundreds of these services across London, and the only successful ones are those who already have industry contacts!

    When coming up with an original business idea, research your market.  Find a gap, or create one with an utterly inspired and inspirational new product or service that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on! If you need a little help coming up with something fresh, new and exciting why not call business plan consultants ? We are a business plan writing service and would love to hear your ideas!

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