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    Best Restaurants for Families

    March 23, 2017

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    Eating out as a family is not always easy. Family-friendly restaurants aren’t always the ones you want to go to, because they don’t necessarily have the same good reputation as other restaurants in the area. So, if you’re looking for a good place to take your whole family for a meal, kids and all, where can you go besides fast food?


    This American classic has been around for years and has more than 1000 locations around 49 US states. What makes it so great for families is that the prices are very reasonable and the kids menu is fantastic. They have a space ship team for many of the items on the menu, and it includes rocket ship kid’s cups, star chicken nuggets, astronaut applesauce, and anti-gravity grapes. Over recent years, Denny’s has also been working to reduce the trans fats in their foods in an effort to make healthier dishes for kids and adults.

    Golden Corral

    As a family-style buffet, there’s something for everyone in the family, and each age group can be satisfied. There are early-bird specials and many different offers throughout the week on the entre buffet selection. Normally, the Golden Corral Buffet is not expensive either, since they do offer free meals for kids under 3 and a special tiered price based on the age of your child. Adults pay the full price (under $10 for breakfast or lunch), but children 12 and under get discounted prices. This way the whole family can enjoy something they want to eat without breaking the bank.

    Red Robin

    Known as a fantastic American-style burger place, Red Robin caters to kids by helping you entertain them throughout the meal. There’s a large mascot during prime times of the day, balloons for every child, and a fun birthday club. Healthier meal options are new included on the kid’s menu, so you as a parent can choose what your child is eating with more discretion. A thorough list of the ingredients can be given to you to help you choose a meal for a child with allergies or eating problems of any sort.


    Not only does Chili’s have a great atmosphere for families and a good selection from their kid’s menu, they also do a lot to support kids outside the restaurant. If you go there on their selected charity days, all the profits from the restaurant are donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Reseach Hospital. You can feel good about eating there with your family because of the delicious, healthy choices on the menu and the satisfaction that your money is going to help other kids in need.


    Who doesn’t like a good round of breakfast for dinner? IHOP is known almost exclusively as a great place for pancakes, but they do offer a lot more than just that. There are many full meals available for kids and adults to satisfy their cravings. For kids, they can choose between a large selection of fun meals, including “make-a-face” pancakes with fruit and whipped cream in the shape of a smile. It’s a comfortable restaurant with flexible hours and breakfast items served all day alongside the other menus, in case you and your family feel like pancakes, eggs, and bacon for lunch or dinner!

    It doesn’t have to be so stressful to eat out as a family. Choosing the right restaurant just means doing your research and finding a great choice for your location. There are options that will be great for the whole family, even the kids of all ages, without making you feel like you’ve headed to a fast food chain!

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