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    Changing Your Career as a Woman

    February 16, 2017

    Readying yourself for a new career or even a new job can be both a challenging and exciting time in a woman's life; this is especially true if you're going through a rough patch financially.

    Many factors can lead to a career change. In this post, I will show you exactly what those factors are, as well as how you - as a woman - can go about moving from one career to another. However, before going there, let's first look at some of the common factors that drive women to seek new jobs.

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    A layoff or termination. If your company has decided to ship out to a new location, cut costs, look for VC funding, or what have you, it may not be a bad idea to ready yourself for the job market. Of course, if you get laid off then you have no choice but to get back into the market.

    However, it's up to you to decide whether this potential setback is indicative of your current career path or not. If the answer is yes, then you may have no choice but to broaden your horizons so to speak.

    Bad management. If your employer suffers from poor management, sooner or later it's going to affect you. Especially, as a woman. The sad part is that while it's not hard to identify bad management, often employees don't realize it's time to leave until it's too late.

    Likewise, some employees make the mistake of thinking mistaking the one good manager in the organization as a sign of improvement. Sadly, it only takes a single bad apple to spoil the bunch. Hence, it should come as no surprise that people who work in this environment are better served by moving on.

    Dead end job. When employees realize that they're working for an employer that who doesn't offer room for advancement they usually begin looking at other employers within the same field. However, if it becomes apparent that they work in a low-growth industry, many begin looking for a new field altogether.

    Looking for a challenge. You are all set for new difficulties to enhance your lifestyle and also happiness: Sometimes ladies require a change. Obtaining stuck in a career that you have no enthusiasm for could be mentally crippling. Don't spend your life in an unpleasant job. You can use the actions listed below to help you in your occupation adjustment.

    So, you've decided to make a job change. However, you've experienced the glass ceiling before and would like to know what you can do differently this time around. Here are a few tips.

    1. Dust off that resume. Make certain that you have a resume that speaks to task that you intend to perform. Generic resumes are not beneficial when seeking new employment. Indeed, most HR people can spot templated resumes a mile away. As such, it's better to seek the assistance of an expert resume writer if you have problems creating something original.

    2. Brush up on any pertinent industry knowledge. So, if you're considering switching over to a new career, like a career as an FBO consultant and lack the relevant skills, then perhaps you should consider taking a few classes. After all, it is never too late to refresh your skills.

    Plus, the message that your new-found skills tell prospective employers is that you've taken the initiative to better yourself because you're serious about your career.

    3. Identify growth career paths. Don't choose just any business or industry when planning your career moves. Instead, you must be discerning to the point of only considering high-growth opportunities. Otherwise, you risk working in a shrinking or stagnant industry.

    4. Don't burn bridges. Just because you're ready to move on to a new career or company doesn't mean you must treat those around you poorly. Instead, treat them like you'd want to be treated.

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