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    Do You Need an Executive Car to Present Yourself Professionally?

    March 31, 2017

    You only get one chance to make a first impression’ is a phrase that holds true in both life and business. It doesn’t matter if you are able to change someone’s first impression of you for worse or better. They will always remember how you first came across.

    When it comes to a sales meeting with a new client you might not have much of a window to change a first impression if it’s a negative one.

    The first thing anyone will notice about you is your car. It’s the most visible thing that identifies you even before you’ve got a foot in the door (literally). Therefore it is wise to question, do you need an executive car to present yourself professionally?

    What are you selling?

    If you are in a traditional B2B market such as telecoms, insurance or IT systems then you will want to present an image that implies stability/reliability. Therefore pulling up in an VW campervan or an old rusted car just won’t cut it. You need to assimilate yourself with the desirable qualities in the product/service you are trying to sell.

    Who is the customer?

    You also need to consider what the customer’s persona and values are. If you’re selling to a late 50s managing director of a manufacturing business then driving a prestige brand executive saloon will likely impress. However if you pull up to the headquarters of a hip young startup company to pitch to a mid-20s hipster this car might not go down too well.

    In fact having an expensive luxury car can actually go against you more often that you’d think. It sounds strange but you don’t want to seem too prestige, then customers can think that they are being overcharged. If you pull up in a Bentley to sell someone something they may think “these guys are making too much off of what they sell, I’ll look elsewhere”.

    What are you brand values?

    Similarly you need to be true to your own brand values, if you present yourself as a highly professional outfit you can’t turn up in a car with cheap livery plastered all over the side. It just doesn’t work. Who knew that something as simple as a vehicle to get you from A to B could have so many implications?

    Do you only need a car short term?

    If it turns out you do need an executive car to make the right first impression, you don’t need to go taking out a long term car contract. You can get rental cars which are from prestige manufacturers for as little as a day. Have a look at Avis Prestige Car Rental for example pricing which starts at as little as £120 a day. This lets you present that professional image without a long-term financial commitment.            

    Do you need a car longer term?

    If you need that professional image and will be attending meetings with new clients continuously, a longer term car contract is the solution. There are numerous deals on high priced cars these days, which can be obtained for an affordable monthly rental. For example if you look at the prestige car lease prices from ICL you’ll see that you can get executive saloons for as little as £200 a month.


    You don’t necessarily need a fancy car to make the right first impression; it all depends on you, your client, your company’s brand and whatever you’re selling. However if you do need a prestige vehicle there are some very affordable solutions out there.

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