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    Five Reasons Why I’m Finally Smiling Again

    February 28, 2017

    The last couple of years have been a complete and total rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve had highs, lows and everything in between, but now things are finally levelling off to be much better all around. There are so many reasons for this, but I wanted to focus on the five that were the closest to my heart. I hope you will find my blog post helpful; perhaps it might even act as a catalyst for getting your own life back on track…

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    I got a degree

    My whole life has been full of people telling me I couldn’t do things. Perhaps that’s what you get for being the youngest of six siblings. Anyway, I wanted to prove that I did have it in me to succeed, so I enrolled at university and got my degree in August. I really couldn’t be more proud of my achievement, and it’s given me all sorts of courage and determination for the future. My aim is to become a teacher as I do believe I can help to inspire others.

    I lost a lot of weight

    In order to attend my classes at university I had to commute by bike or foot. This meant that I started to shed pounds literally within the first couple of weeks. When I started to notice I took an active interest in my weight, and proceeded to eat more healthily too. I believe that eating a more rounded diet helped me to concentrate on my studies, whereas some of my classmates seemed constantly tired or hungover.

    I met someone

    I was cycling home from university one day and ended up falling off my bike; I’d hit pothole and lost control. Luckily there was a kind gentleman at a nearby bus stop who saw me spill to the ground. It must have been fate because we’ve been inseparable ever since and he has really been a good influence on my life.

    I had a makeover

    I felt like a completely new woman after all of these experiences that I wanted to mark it in a special way. I took a trip to Australia to see a popular teeth whitening products and they did a wonderful job at giving me a pearly white smile– I’d always been really self-conscious about my teeth before. I also got my hair cut and colored at a top salon; I felt like a princess! Now, I love to look in the mirror and I am so thankful for all the good that has come from taking control of my life.

    I took a holiday abroad

    My new fella decided that he wanted to whisk me away overseas – a big thing for me as I had never been. Remember that I come from a big family so there is no way that my parents could have afforded to pay for us all to go to Spain. Going away really opened up my eyes to the world, so we’ve resolved to see many more places in the coming years. The next place I want to go is Italy as this is where I have traced my family history to.

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