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    How to Wear Cologne ?

    March 22, 2017

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    Cologne is an important part of how people receive you. That means wearing it wrong, or even not wearing it at all can be a very costly mistake. Since the smell of your personal fragrance can be very strong- or almost nonexistent, the balance is a vital thing to strike.

    One of the first and most important things that you need to do when wearing cologne is start slowly. One spray, one part of your body. Many young men think that it is necessary to spray absurd amounts of personal fragrances, leaving those around them in a cloud of simply far to much. All it takes is one spray, maybe two. And never on top of clothes. That is a rule that every expert seems able to agree on. Cologne can stain clothes, all types of perfume can. That's not to say it will turn your clothes the same amber as the liquid, but it is a risk. And more importantly, not wearing the cologne on your skin ruins the effect of it. The liquid in that bottle is made specifically to work with your natural body odor and musk, not just to mask it. When cologne is worn on clothing, it's more likely to be overwhelming. This is because it is unable to react with the chemicals on your skin so instead it just- sits there, slowly gassing out the people around you. On your skin, it changes and becomes much more personalized of a smell, because the chemicals of your body, the pH of your skin, alter the aroma. This is why you could have a room full of people wearing the same brand of cologne from the same bottle, but if they were wearing it right, everyone could smell a little different.

    Beyond just making sure that you wear it by putting it on your skin, and not using to much, there is the very important factor of choosing what scent to wear. And really, that can be a very individual choice to make, because it is very important that it is a scent that you like, that makes you feel confident. That said, some people have done the research for you, and there are many lists that break down the best cologne for young men, based on how pleasant they smell and how well they are received by ladies. The website colognemasters.com has a very comprehensive list to help you along, which can give you a good place to start. However, it's a good idea to try many options. The best cologne for you will actually give you a subtle boost. It's more likely to make you feel confident and self-assured, and it will make people see you as more attractive and as a more stable human being.

    Since smell changes the way humans perceive everything, and it has since humans first stood up, it's important to use that evolutionary development to get a leg up above the rest. Wearing cologne doesn't have to be hard, it only requires a little forethought, and the presence of mind that a little can last you for quite a long time.

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