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    Christmas Wonderland in London

    December 22, 2016

    Christmas Season is fast approaching. And some countries are already experiencing winter. Therefore, winter is the coolest season of the year in polar. This season does not need to be dark and cold.  Although winter is the coolest season of the year, you can still enjoy this season together with your friends or with your family. If you are wondering what to do during winter, and indeed Christmas, there are ways on how to enjoy it. If you want to experience winter wonderland, London is one of the best place you want to consider.  December is the most magical month in London where there are lots of festive happening during Christmas and New Year. London streets are known for its Sparkling Christmas lights.  The stores are full of gift hunters for your Christmas Shopping. It always feels a bit more authentic in the dark and under lovely lights when you go shopping. Also, Christmas markets are offering charming crafts, seasonal food and wine that will make your winter warm.

    The Thing About Winter

    One of the winter highlight in London is the ice skating rinks but the biggest and most popular sis the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. With ice skating, a fairground rides and a Ferris wheel. The festivities continue right up to 25th of December with plenty of things to do in Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Peter Pan Cup is one of the early risers during Christmas Day here members of the Serpentine Swimming Club are competing in an icy water of the Hyde Park lake. London is also famous for its New Year’s Eve fireworks at the London eye every year. There are plenty of things to do during Christmas day and New Year’s Eve in London. There are plenty of places where you can spend the holidays with some exciting activities with your family and friends.

    The Best Time of the Year

    This is also the best time if you want to spend your holidays in your house and give yourself some quiet time. You can find some great deals on fashion, electronics and more during the winter season. You can use your fireplace to add feels during the holidays. If you are idle enough to make fire in the chimney, you can turn your TV screen into a fireplace. Christmas fireplace video will give you the latest look of your fireplace into HDTV. A full look once can turn into an amazing fireplace in your house.

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