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    Comparison Of Different Sunless Tanning Options

    March 28, 2017

    Sunless tanning is quite a hot topic these days. Due to the harmful UV radiations of sun, people refrain from natural tanning and prefer artificial ways to fulfill their wish of getting tanned skin. Sunless tanning is undoubtedly much more convenient and safe as compared to natural sun tanning and that is why it is getting popularity among the people.

    There are so many sunless tanning options which make it quite difficult for the people to make a selection. All the sunless tanning options have its own pros and cons based on which you can compare them and make a selection of a single one that you think is suitable for you. Let us have a look at the different sunless tanning options available.

    Comparison of Different Sunless Tanning Options:

    The main types of sunless tanning options include sunless tanning sprays, sunless tanning lotions, sunless tanning beds and sunless tanning pills. Let us encounter each one of these in detail:

    1. Sunless Tanning Sprays:

    Sunless tanning sprays are getting common these days because of its perks and no side effects. Spray tanning requires a tanning booth where the body is sprayed with a mist of DHA, a chemical used to paint the outer layer of skin. It is convenient to get but is expensive as you may have to visit the salon once a week to keep your skin tanned for a month or more. It do not offer any serious side effects but some people may get allergic to DHA used in spray tanning.

    1. Sunless Tanning Lotions:

    Sunless tanning lotions are a cosmetic way of getting your skin a tanned appearance. There are a number of brands who have launched tanning lotions and people are loving it. One of the famous tanning lotion includes St Tropez Sunless Tan which is quite excellent for getting tanned effect. You can choose the shade of tanning according to your choice. Tanning lotions are the most convenient, not very expensive and not harmful for skin.

    1. Sunless Tanning Beds:

    Sunless tanning beds are less preferable as it follows the natural tanning procedure. The person has to lie on the tanning bed and the body is exposed to UV radiations emitting from florescent tubes. As UV rays are harmful, excess exposure can cause skin aging and even skin cancer. It is also expensive and not very convenient way of getting sunless tanned skin.

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