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    Is Now The Time To Prepare For 5G?

    April 4, 2017

    5G is the future of the internet and it’s a future that’s not far away. Increased network speeds and higher capabilities will change more than just how long it takes to load a webpage. New technologies could come into play as a result of 5G and businesses must be prepared to utilise these technologies in order to stay ahead and continue their success into the future.​

    Syntax IT Support London takes a look at the ways in which the adoption of 5G could help your business:

    • Marketing and advertising

    Faster 5G networks could open up a number of promotional opportunities for businesses. With much faster download speeds, users will be able to easily download video content and engage with more of this type of advertising. 5G also offers 3D video capabilities, so there are new and exciting ways to reach customers and modernise marketing strategies. High bandwidth won’t be a concern as a result of 5G’s increased capabilities, with users being able to load pages quickly on mobile networks as well as stream live video without any hiccups. This means businesses will be better able to deliver rich mobile experiences.

    As if super-fast Ultra HD and 3D video weren’t enough, marketing methods could also progress through the use of virtual reality. Consumers could immerse themselves in full digital experiences as they try out products for themselves before buying. Virtual reality needs a lot of processing power but 5G could allow it to be widely used, even on mobile devices. Real-time cloud processing and responsive augmented reality applications could become a real possibility and these would enable virtual reality technology to take off in new directions as it becomes a part of our everyday lives.

    • Customer service

    Faster connection speeds would vastly improve the rate at which businesses can currently respond to clients. 5G networking means communication between smart devices, which would allow staff to communicate with one another rapidly to problem solve in an increasingly efficient manner. 5G would also allow better access to important data on the move, enabling customer teams and executives to access relevant information immediately and make informed yet timely decisions when dealing with customer issues.

    • Communication

    Communication is key within any business, and 5G will take high speed communications with correspondents to the next level. 3D video capabilities could mean holographic Skype calls with parties across the globe! Holographic projection could also be used to create more interesting and interactive business presentations. Organisations that are able to utilise these technologies rapidly as they emerge would likely have the edge when it comes to securing clients and improving communications internally.

    • Becoming more mobile

    Consumers are likely to become increasingly mobile-first or mobile-only as technology and network speeds improve. It is vital that businesses are able to engage customers via mobile and are working continuously to improve usability. It is expected that certain industries will move to become completely mobile in order to align themselves with consumer habits and preferences. In order to be successful, mobile content must load quickly and work efficiently before the user moves on to something else. 5G will thankfully make this much easier for businesses.

    Though we are currently able to enjoy high-speed communications and engage with content on 4G networks, the next step with 5G is likely to change how we live and work in a number of ways. Thinking about how these technological changes might impact your own business specifically is useful and can go a long way to prepare you for the future. 5G is expected to emerge within the next few years and though we can’t know exactly what to expect, it is certain that the advancements will mean great things for businesses.

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