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    Questions Commonly Asked About Overseas Teaching By New Zealand Nationals

    April 1, 2017

    Teaching internationally is not only exciting and fun but it is also quite confusing and troublesome for the novice. Although teaching overseas give you many amazing opportunities like growing in a new culture, teaching in a new state, better payment opportunities, add a milestone to your career, etc. but teaching in a whole new state is certainly not a child’s play.

    Teachers and scholars of New Zealand who are selected for overseas teaching or who are planning to apply in overseas teaching jobs are often puzzled and want some answers they have in mind. These questions are answered in detail below and you can click for more info for overseas teaching opportunities for New Zealand nationals.

    Commonly Asked Questions about Overseas Teaching by New Zealand Nationals:

    Some common questions that are asked by the New Zealand nationals regarding overseas teaching are answered below:

    1. Do I have to learn foreign state-specific language in order to teach overseas?

    Well, the answer to this question specifically depends upon the job requirements. Some teaching jobs require you to be foreign language proficient while some demand at least the basic knowledge of the language, whereas some jobs are okay if you do not know the foreign language just English is enough. So you need to check the job specification to get an answer to this question.

    1. Do I need to have overseas working experience to apply?

    Well, some overseas teaching jobs does require prior overseas working experience so that you do not panic or get homesick during your contract. But some teaching jobs are specifically for the new overseas teachers. You need to search for the overseas teaching jobs according to your experience level to increase hiring chances.

    1. Is there any difference in their resumes format?

    Every state has its own rules and format to write resumes and if you follow their format, the chances of getting considered are higher as it shows that you have done research regarding overseas teaching.

    1. Do I need to have a degree in order to teach overseas?

    Majority of the overseas teaching positions require you to have relevant degree in order to apply for the job. But there are some countries that do not require you to be a degree holder to apply. These countries include China, Indonesia and Ecuador, etc. so if these countries are your choice, you don’t need to have a degree.

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