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    Tips for UK Businesses That Deliver

    April 1, 2017

    Running a business that makes deliveries all over the UK and continent can add an extra degree of complexity to your days. Yet, this doesn’t have to be such a big issue that it causes you a lot of headaches. Instead, you can make sure that it is a part of the business that goes smoothly and doesn’t cause you an unnecessary hassles.

    Be Organised

    The first key factor to take into account is the need to be very well organised. In this way, you will be able to plan your deliveries in advance and make sure that everyone gets what they need on time. To get organised as well as possible you need to put a robust system in place that removes the possibility of orders dropping through the cracks. It is also vital to get a good staff training program in place to make sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do. On the other hand, if you aren’t well organised then you might end up with a nasty backlog or else send out deliveries in the wrong order.

    Build a Relationship with a Delivery Company

    If you are not planning to do the delivery work yourself then it makes sense to build a good relationship with a delivery company. By getting together with a firm that offers British and European pallet delivery you can be confident that you can always meet customer demands.

    Once you know who to call for deliveries you will feel sure that you can handle all of your future deliveries. Even if you get really busy there will be no need to panic and wonder how to deal with it all. You can take orders safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered on time thanks to this relationship.

    Give Realistic Delivery Estimates

    Perhaps the biggest mistake that many companies make is to be overly ambitious with their delivery estimates. If you do this then you run the serious risk of disappointing your customers by not living up to your promises. To do this well you need to think about the whole end to end process. How many people will touch the order from the moment it is made until it arrives to the customer’s door and what do they each need to do?

    By looking at the delivery in this way you can work out a way of making sure that you only guarantee timescales that you are completely confident of being able to meet. It may also be a good idea to offer different levels of delivery, with customers who are in a rush paying a bit extra for a speedier service.

    By following these simple steps you can feel confident that you won’t let down the customers who order from you. In fact, hopefully you will exceed their expectations instead.

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