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    What Are The Advantages Of PRK?

    March 29, 2017

    If you’re looking for the right kind of eye surgery to have in order for you to improve your vision then, you definitely know that there are two different types of surgeries. You have the LASIK and the photorefractive keratectomy aka PRK. Of course, if you have never had I surgery before then we can definitely understand why you might get a bit confused while choosing between the two. Now, some extra research will prove to you that, PRK is actually much more preferable than LASIK. But why is that? What are the advantages of PRK?

    A common yet delicate procedure

    Well, to answer this question, we will have to analyse exactly what kind of results PRK has. First and foremost, the process used between the two is somewhat the same bag, there are certain differences. For example, PRK eye surgery you will be able to keep a lot more of your corneal tissue. As a result, you will be guaranteed a long-term stability and integrity of your eyes.

    With PRK, there is absolutely no danger of flat related complications. This is something that, LASIK cannot guarantee. But with, PRK, definitely have absolutely nothing to worry about. At the same time, if you find yourselves in need of the touch-up surgery, with PRK you will actually be able to take it. With LASIK, you will not.

    PRK is full of advantages

    LASIK tends to disturb your nerves. That means that, dry eyes might be actual problem after LASIK. This is not going to happen with PRK. PRK does not disturb the nerves so, you will have minimal chances of getting dry eyes after the surgery. And last but not least, PRK is a lot more comfortable during the procedure. We are not suggesting that, LASIK is uncomfortable or painful. Neither of the two is painful but, with LASIK, you might actually feel a couple of things. With PRK, you will not even understand how the procedure came to be.

    These are the basic advantages of PRK. So, if you want to choose between PRK and LASIK then we definitely suggest the first one. It is a lot more comfortable than LASIK, a lot faster and it will definitely bring you better results. Make sure that you will have a conversation with your eye doctor before you make up your mind but we can guarantee that, by the end you will definitely see why PRK is so much more preferable than pretty much any other type of eye surgery.

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