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Facebook Friday Cafe is THE place to get likes for your Facebook page and/or posts with Savor Members to increase visibility on Facebook.

  • Discussion started by Arsineh Alenkin


    Good Morning everyone I am new, actually I was a member in 2009 and left and I am back.  Want to meet and network with event planners in Los Angeles.

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  • Discussion started by Letitia Elizabeth

    Facebook Friday

    Are we still doing FB Fridays? If it moved to a new location, please let me know. Haven't seen any posted at all since July. Thanks!

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  • Discussion started by Fay Lawrence

    Facebook Friday

    Do we have a point of contact for this Cafe?  Can we continue posting on Facebook as members of this Cafe?  

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  • Discussion started by Carrie Rattle

    Facebook Friday - Will You 'Like' My Page?

    Good Morning Savor Sisters! I'm just starting out, and my 2 meetings thus far have been so helpful. I've been "liking" other pages and have realized the power of a big photo on the FB home page. N...

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  • Discussion started by justine clay

    Happy Facebook Friday!

    Hi ladies, Happy Facebook Friday!  I'm new here, so I'd love it if you'd visit my page and share this post for my upcoming webinar "Get Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Into Your Schedule"...

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  • Discussion started by Karen Auld

    Facebook Update

    Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that when Jennifer re-opened this cafe, I had posted a goal to exceed 2000 likes on my Society of Ultimate Living page by the end of 2014.  Well, WE did it! I say WE b...

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  • Discussion started by mechelle rabot

    Bonjour, Hello

    Hello I m Mechelle Rabot just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say that I am happy to be a part of this awesome group of women. I look forward to getting to know you, again thank you for having me here. ...

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  • Discussion started by Karen Auld

    Friday, December 19th - Facebook Friday - POST HERE

    Hi Ladies, Not sure if I am breaking protocol here.  Is this forum like model congress I participated in HS?  Do I have jurisdiction to start this?  I have no idea, but I have post that I would like ...

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  • Laura Baddish Discussion started by Laura Baddish

    Need that Perfect Gift - for yourself or someone else on your list?

    Hi all, Happy Friday! Are you browsing for the perfect hostess gifts? Don't show up empty handed! Our client, Nudo Italia http://www.nudoadopt.com/italia.php allows you to enjoy the harvest of an ...

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  • Discussion started by Robin Dann

    Facebook sharing

    Hi Ladies, I have opened registration for my upcoming webinar and would love your help in spreading the word on facebook. Below are 3 potential FB posts and an image that can be used for a Facebook posting. Tha...

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  • Discussion started by Marcia Dufresne

    Happy FB Friday

    Hello Ladies,   Please like or share the following post on the Shoe Along FB Page: Link to page: https://www.facebook.com/shoealong Are you feels Sassy, Majestic or Heavenly today???  I&#...

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