• Join the Top 100 Savor women to achieve a 90 day vision.
  • Use the Manifest Method to create blueprints and weekly intentions.
  • Receive a "Monday Mindset" check-in message and set your week's priority within your Circle.
  • Get another check-in message on Friday and hold each other accountable!

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Chosen as "The 100 Best Websites for Women 2013"!

"The focus of this particular women’s network is accountability. Join a circle and push each other to achieve through meeting benchmarks—together." - Forbes

A Revolution in Living Your Dream

Studies show that you are 76% more likely to succeed if you write a goal down, share it with people and are held accountable. When there isn’t the support or accountability, we give up, forget our dreams, and are often too busy to get what we want out of life.

We’ve got your back. No more letting go of your business and life dreams.

The question is:
How much success can you stand?

Daily Action Planner, Manifest Method and Vision Books Live Video Chat with your Savor Sisters

Savor Success Circles is a pod of 4 women who are matched together based on chemistry.

Together, they take a journey to hold each other accountable to accomplish one massive life-changing goal.

For less than the cost of a cappuccino a day, transform your business and life!

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor the Success and Om Aroma organic skincare, has created a movement of women who "Give, Give, Get" to build successful socially-responsible businesses that give back to the world.

Using tools such as Vision Books, 90-day visions, 12 weekly sprints, and the power accountability via Savor Success Circles, women have experienced astounding results: gaining up to 600% revenue increase within four months, publishing books, creating worldwide conferences, launching a new preschool, and more.

The philosophy of Savor Circles is similar to a Tennis Club: In order to improve your game, you must play with teammates that can hit the ball back (if not harder) so that you can grow.

You learn to work as a team and be a leader as you hold one another accountable to achieve life-changing goals. The leadership skills you learn help you to become a better boss, communicator, and team player.

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What they are saying...

"THANK YOU for putting together such an inspiring accountability program that supports women weekly. The Circles have inspired innovation, created momentum and kept me on track. Savor Circles is exactly what I needed to take things to the next level with my companies!" - Tara Brooke, Power of Birth and Doula Trainings Int’l

"Encouragement and brainstorming are the obvious wins from being in a Savor Circle, but it goes so much deeper than that! My Savor sisters are not only helping me earn more, but they are also cheering me on in ways that are helping me feel so much more joyful in the process!" - Shasta Nelson, Girlfriend Circles (San Francisco, CA)

"I love that Savor matched me with amazing women I would not have normally met. Through all of the goals we set, my revenue has increased, but the magical part is that I’m surrounded by women who get it. You are not alone and are sharing this amazing journey of growth, discovery and learning together. For me, Savor Circles is an essential part of my business just like bookkeeping, and I can’t imagine life without it!" - Sara Blette, Make My Notebook (Denver, CO)

"Without a doubt, I would not have raised our revenue in our blow dry bars without the amazing support of the Savor Success Circles. There’s an intimacy to our circle that allows me to constantly access good advice from smart and wise women who are in my industry. I'd normally have to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of advice, but now I have it at my fingertips at a fraction of the cost." - Rosemary Camposano, HALO Blow Dry Bars (San Francisco, CA)

"Savor matched me to the best Circle ever!! My Savor sisters are just so friggin’ kick ass. Ever since being in the orbit with these 3 amazing women, I am accomplishing more and dreaming bigger." - Kat Gordon, Founder of The 3%

"Savor Circles has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made!! As iron sharpens iron, my Savor sisters have held me to a higher standard and have inspired me to reach new levels of growth both professionally and personally. My income and business opportunities have increased exponentially this year, and I know that Savor Circles has played a integral role in this." - Michelle Lange, M Lange Media

Are Circles Right for Me?

If you ...

  1. are making at least six figures in your business OR can demonstrate 100% balls-to-the-walls commitment to your business
  2. believe in Savor's "Give, Give, Get" philosophy
  3. love to mastermind and help others
  4. are ready for your big business and life breakthrough...

...then what are you waiting for? Apply for this life-changing experience!

How Much Does it Cost?

Many organizations charge anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for this type of high-caliber program. We’ve created Savor Success Circles to give you quality business training, amazing support, and access to a national sisterhood for less than the cost of a cappuccino a day!

Here’s how it works:

  1. There is a $147 non-refundable* Match Fee. Our team of business relationship specialists (which include a former specialist!) consider each application carefully in a week-long process to ensure that you are paired with quality women who can really help you fly. This arduous process allows us to pair you with women we know will be key to your growth.

    Don't worry, you will have input on the women you feel would be the best match for you before your circle is announced.

    *IF you receive an email saying that we did not find a match for you, then your Match Fee will be refunded.
  2. Your membership will be upgraded to Savor Success Circles and charged $149 per month. Savor Success Circle membership is ongoing but broken into 3-month increments. A three month commitment is required.

That’s it! For less than the cost of a cappuccino a day you can achieve life-changing goals, have access to exclusive Savor Success Circle training and events, network with game-changing women who will challenge you and help you grow, PLUS have direct access to business experts.

Are you ready to change your life?

Apply for Savor Success Circles

Make sure to watch video above!

Applications for Summer 2014 enrollment
are now closed!

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Your application will be reviewed by a team of business relationship specialists.

Important dates:

Applications for Summer 2014 enrollment
are now closed!

Once selected, you will be placed into a private cafe and meet your 3 Savor Sisters.

  • Attend a virtual Welcome Party hosted by Savor to learn how to get started with your Circle.
  • Learn how to do weekly check-ins, video masterminds, partner calls.
  • Take advantage of Content Calls, Open Office hours, "Morning Miracle" (marketing, sales, PR).
  • Connect with a national sisterhood of like-minded Savor members.